SHOWROOM Yuji Maeda “I really liked that, and I had an emotion …” Looking back on the “sweet and sour memories” unique to landlines

“BAR in the radio” “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” broadcast on TOKYO FM from Monday to Thursday at 1:00 pm. Customers on Monday, November 16th are Yuji Maeda, President of SHOWROOM, and Makoto Takahashi, President of KDDI. Two people at the forefront of mobile and internet. The time will come when you can see the Internet on your mobile phone or own a mobile phone for each person … Where is the future of mobile phone services going?
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(From left) Yuji Maeda, Makoto Takahashi

◆ Thirty years ago, there was a person who predicted the current era of mobile phones “one by one” !?

Maeda: What was the background behind starting your career as an engineer?

Takahashi: I’m a science student, so I just joined the company normally, but at that time, something like “the roots of a telecommunications company” … At that time, it was a company called DDI (currently KDDI). is.

From there, after working as an engineer for about 10 years, I came across a mobile phone job. In the old days, mobile phones could only do “Hello, yes, yes”, but the Internet will be available there.

“Eh !? Can I use the Internet on my mobile phone?” Is now commonplace, but at that time it was a dreamlike world. I’m going to realize a world like “Can you send e-mail in this !?” At that time, shouldn’t we expand not only email but also content? I mean … At that time, “i-mode” was starting. We used to say “EZweb”, but since we were entrusted with the business there, it seems that we entered the world of content from there.

Maeda: That’s right. Is the world that Mr. Takahashi imagined at that time now?

Takahashi: No, it’s more than I imagined.

Maeda: So far, haven’t you imagined a world where “the center for enjoying content is mobile phones”?

Takahashi: But at that time, there were people who said, “In the future, when a baby is born, we want to create a world where each person has a mobile phone.” It’s amazing, 30 years ago.

Maeda: Cool!

◆ In the future, “brain to smartphone” !?

Takahashi: I don’t think young people today can tell by listening to it, but it was an era when you could call her and have your father or mother take over and talk to her on the phone.

Maeda: That’s exactly what I was doing. When I confess, I call the girl’s house from a pay phone and my dad or mom comes out first and says, “Can you give me a little replacement?”

Takahashi: Mr. Maeda looks good (laughs). I feel like I’m going to receive it from my mom and dad.

Maeda: That’s not the case, after all, while chewing with a lot of excitement, thinking “I’m out …!” (Laughs). But that was what I really liked. Somehow, it’s very emotional.

Takahashi: Yeah, I think it was very important to have a hard time getting to her, but … 30 years have passed since then. In an era when each person really has a smartphone like a power computer. It’s amazing.

Maeda: It’s insanely fun. That’s why I really feel the excitement of what will happen in 10 or 20 years.

Takahashi: That’s right. But it’s scary.

Maeda: Well, there are some scary aspects. There is a possibility that even smartphones will disappear.

Takahashi: Nowadays, mobile phones have displays. It’s like typing letters into it. So, if you ask someone to say this, it means “entering the side of the brain.” The chipset will be installed next to the brain. Then, what I thought in my brain was automatically written to this chipset.

Maeda: Do you mean “brain to smartphone”?

Takahashi: Since it also has a display function, what is reflected there is directly in the brain. It’s not about “Telepathy, isn’t it?” But I think I’ll be able to do that.

* * *

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