SixTONES Jesse plays “Fateful Love” on the first cover of “anan” solo

Jesse of the idol group SixTONES will be on the cover of the December 9th issue of the women’s gravure weekly magazine “anan”. It will be the first cover of the magazine’s solo. “Anan” No. 2229 (released December 9th) Cover Jesse made her CD debut on January 22nd and said, “2020 has become a fateful year.” Appeared on the cover of the first anan solo in the special feature “Love and Fate”. The memorable cover is a one-shot film that reaches out to the camera with a hot gaze as if to grab the fate. If you put your hands on the cover, it will look like you are holding hands with Jesse. It is said that he dyed his hair blue five days before shooting. The hair color that says “the color has faded with a good feeling” is exquisitely fashionable. On the inside, Jesse’s multifaceted charm is fully enjoyed, from the modest fear of flipping the jacket against the background of strong lights, the bewitching sadness of standing in a mature shirt style, and the loveliness of relaxing in a fluffy knit. I packed it. In the interview, he talks about the positive fatalism of finding “little happiness every day.” This time, a movie-like story gravure connected from the cover is posted. Jesse rushes to meet a destined person on a long coat. It is a must-see for her ephemeral expression, which invites her feelings and runs away. anan2229 (C) Magazine House