The judges for “THE W” are Akira Kawashima, Takushi Tanaka, Tetsuo, Masami Hisamoto, Hiromi, and Ringo.

The judges for the “Woman Entertainer No. 1 Final Battle THE W 2020” final (NTV, December 14th, 20: 00-22: 54) were announced on the 30th. (From the top left) Akira Kawashima, Takushi Tanaka, Tetsuo (From the bottom left) Masami Hisamoto, Hiromi, Ringo Judges are Akira Kawashima of Kirin, Takushi Tanaka of Ungirls, Tetsuo of Laughing Rice, Masami Hisamoto, Hiromi, Ringo of high heels 6 people. Judging will be done by the audience voting by data broadcasting with these 6 people. Kawashima will be in charge for the first time, and the other five will be in charge for the second consecutive year. The final is “A block” TEAM BANANA, Oda Ueda, ghostly, pickled ginger, spikes. “B block” A Masso, Yuriyan Retriever, Yoshizumi, Hanashio, Boru Juku (* in order of material). The two teams that have won each will face the final battle. The comments of the six judges are as follows.

■ Akira Kawashima (Kirin)

The final match where name recognition and achievements do not make sense.
I want to be fascinated by the comedian who shined at that time on that day.
We will do our best to judge.

■ Takushi Tanaka (Ungirls)

Continuing from last year, I will be a judge again this year!
I’m looking forward to seeing the level of the material of the tournament rising steadily.
I will do my best to convey the fun of the performers along with the judging!

■ Tetsuo (laughing rice)

I am sorry that I will be a judge this year as well as last year, and I am afraid that I may be flatulent during the examination because of my excuse.
The reason why I used the term “flatulence” instead of “to” is that I respected the fact that flatulence was originally an elegant word for women. I am looking forward to such beautiful vocabulary and works full of sensibility. Please make me laugh as much as I can.

■ Masami Hisamoto

I am excited to hear from the judges this year as well.
It was a tough year with the Corona Virus, but this is the time.
I hope it will brighten you with laughter.
I am looking forward to showing the strength of female comedians again this year!

■ Hiromi

I am a judge every year, but the judges are also nervous.
I’m looking forward to this year as the level of material is rising every year.
Please enjoy yourself.

■ Apple (high heel)

I feel that the era of comedians has finally arrived.
Last year’s “3 o’clock heroine” Cinderella story is not a dream.
I’m looking forward to a hot fight as to who this year’s Cinderella will be.