Who is prone to poverty?

◆ Sweet trap that destroys the self-control hidden in daily life
“If you don’t want to be poor, you should thoroughly control yourself!” Is the common sense of psychology today.

The first step is especially important. Once self-control collapses, you lose the temptation one after another. Therefore, the most important thing is to “stay on the first step”.

However, there are many traps that can disrupt self-control.

For example, eating too much fast food can make you poor! There is a study called. It is believed that the cause is that fast food is so tasty that it causes the brain to run away and self-control to collapse.

We are busy, so fast food that can be eaten deliciously in no time is attractive. You’ll have to be careful, as you’ll just get out of hand.

◆ Busier people are more likely to be poor !?
Also, in a paper written in 2013, we got terrifying data that “busyness itself may lead to poverty!”

This is a study conducted at the University of Utah in the United States. What we found in this study was that people who have a habit of doing various things at the same time (people who have a so-called multitasking habit) are more likely to lose the temptation to buy on impulse and tend to always seek stimulus. Or something like that.

Busy people have the image of having various jobs at the same time, but if you do this, your self-control will collapse and you will become poor. How terrifying …

◆ What kind of people need special attention?
Busy office workers and mothers raising children are hotbeds for multitasking. If you try to get the job done quickly, your brain will panic and your self-control will easily collapse.

Parenting moms have to take care of their children as well as do household chores, which is a prime example of a multitasking person. In order to maintain self-control, it is advisable to take appropriate time to interrupt multitasking and rest your head, such as with the cooperation of your family.

I myself have been busy doing multitasking and have had a lot of stress. At times like this, when I noticed it, I made an impulse purchase on Amazon, and later I was surprised that I used it so much !?

If you feel that your head is always moody, be careful. Perhaps you are approaching poverty due to multitasking.

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Sentence = Ryota Nakahara (Money Guide)