Team Viewer, manufacturing AR solution”TeamViewer front line launched”

The remote connectivity solution to deploy TeamViewer Manager (Team Viewer) is 11 on 25 October,the manufacturing sector, such as for augmented reality (AR) solution”TeamViewer front line”for sale in Japan started. The solution is AR remote support and workflow management to allow that. With the launch on the same day, a presentation was held.

Team Viewer in 2005 in Germany, founded in 2018, a Japanese subsidiary was established. In more than 200 countries and territories used, and 65 million companies have introduced.

The company is 8 months, wearable computing, helping to Ubimax(the Max)to the acquisition. I launched TeamViewer the front line, the company’s remote desktop software”TeamViewer”to the Max technology integrated solution.

Team Viewer solution for the production of the addition, construction, communication, health care, education and various field and remote operations and collaborative work support and the like. The Max integration with wearable computing using the AR solution is added, a more convenient remote support as soon as possible.

In manufacturing conventionally, a technician on equipment operation and Troubleshooting, such as people and site around and might have been made. But recently,labor shortages and the problem of succession, in addition to the Corona Virus virus infection outbreak due to business restrictions, and other challenges, and DX(digital transformation)to improve business efficiency and productivity has become an urgent task.

In the meantime, TeamViewer front line is,smart glasses and smartphones, administrator and worker and go on the field without video or audio of work with sharing, document and Procedure Review,a number or the result of enter hands-free that. The solution is abroad, is already more than 400 in used,BMW, and Coca-Cola as a customer would.

TeamViewer the front line,the 4 solutions are composed of….”xPick”is in the warehouse for picking work,”xMake”manufacturing process optimization.”xInspect”, the maintenance and inspection optimization,”xAssist”in hoc support efficiency. Team Viewer business development Director of Komiya 崇博, said:”each of the business best practices is Packed with”ready-made”solutions”and explained.

(Source:Team Viewer)

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The solution on iOS and Android devices available. Technical experts and the live video by sharing the work process and trouble to help solve. Furthermore, 2-factor authentication, as customers of the directory via single sign-on, including IDENTITY and access management,security and user administration centralized to achieve.

On the industry are manufacturing, construction/civil engineering, logistics, medical, and enterprise is enterprise and mid-sized companies. The solution is, distributors, consultants, system integrators and other”front-line partner”through providing customers. Thus, consulting and implementation support, user support, training and a wide range of support to realize that.