Yua Mikami celebrates Juice = Juice / Karin Miyamoto’s birthday and releases a love explosion shot

Yua Mikami updated Twitter on the 1st (Monday). Juice = Juice ・ A self-portrait shot celebrating Karin Miyamoto’s birthday has been released and is a hot topic.

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After debuting as an idol, Yua Mikami turned into a sexy actress and boasts overwhelming popularity. From 2019, the produced apparel brand “YOUR’S” will be launched, and women are looking at envy.

Mikami congratulated the birthday of fans Juice = Juice and Karin Miyamoto, saying, “Today is my favorite birthday. Congratulations to Karin Miyamoto. I will do my best today.” We have released a photo that exploded the idol love that was taken with Miyamoto’s goods.

Mikami fans also congratulated Miyamoto on this post. Comments such as “I hope Yua can continue to do her best”, “I’m happy with my recommendation”, and “I’m happy with my birthday” were also received.

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▽ Yua Mikami
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