Yumi Matsutoya visits the site of “Koisuru Hahatachi” I’m curious about the “naked waiting” scene of Hayato Isomura

Yumi Matsutoya, who is in charge of the theme song “Strangers” of the TBS Friday drama “Koisuru Hahatachi” (every Friday from 22:00) starring Yoshino Kimura, is on the scene of the drama shooting the other day. I visited to visit. From the left, Takeshi Akasaka / Hayato Isomura, Yuko Hayashi / Yo Yoshida, Yumi Matsutoya, who is in charge of the theme song, and Yoshino Kimura / Yoshino Kimura, who are in charge of the theme song, rarely visit the drama shooting site. We visited with an exciting look. And, “I myself am sometimes told,” I’m really there! “, But today I’m Kyou! Yuko! Akasaka-kun! I’m like an elementary school student (laughs).” I talked a little. After that, Yumin, who joined Kimura, Yoshida, and Isomura, tells Isomura about the “naked waiting” scene in Akasaka in episode 3 and hears the inside story at the time of shooting. In addition, Kimura and Yoshida joined, and the girls talk that was exciting together exploded. In addition, Kimura laughed about Yumin, who has a close friendship even in private, saying, “I’ve seen him cook up close, but he was so good that he tried to help him sideways, but he laughed (laughs).” Invited. The three were very excited when Yumin handed them a new album, “The City In The Deep Sea,” which included the theme song “Strangers.” “My sister is a big fan of Yumin!” Yoshida himself said, “I often sing at karaoke.” At the end, Yumin said, “I was reading the original, but when it comes to the drama, it feels more three-dimensional. I’m really looking forward to the future development. Actually, I think everyone really wants to see this kind of drama. I thought it was a drama (laughs). I heard a lot of voices saying that I’m addicted to it, and I’m really glad that I received the request for the theme song. I’m the luckiest of the year. ” Bounced. This work is in a family environment of three people, the main character, An Ishiwatari (Yoshino Kimura) who has a son who goes to the same famous high school, Yuko Hayashi (Yoshida sheep), a career woman, and Mari Kambara (Risa Naka), a celebrity wife. An adult love story in which three beautiful mothers are moved by a man who is not her husband. The mothers are fascinated by the popular rakugoka, Konkotei Marutaro (Sadao Abe), Kyou’s ex-husband’s husband, Takumi Saiki (Kotaro Koizumi), and Yuko’s subordinate, Go Akasaka (Sadao Abe). Isomura Hayato). The sex appeal of the three men and their “no good Kyun” scenes have become a hot topic on SNS. The drama is finally in the final stages. At the end of the 6th episode last time, the Kambara family collapsed due to Mari’s husband’s affair partner, and Kyou suddenly broke up with her lover, Saiki, who was the heart of her heart. The bomb-like development that is dropped at the end of the drama every week is also attracting attention. In episode 7, scheduled to air on December 4, Kyou broke up with Saiki but couldn’t forget him. In addition, the Kambara family who lost everything in an instant due to the treatment of her husband’s affair partner Noriko. Mari starts a part-time job to protect her family as a mother, but even if she loses everything, she is still at the limit of patience with her arrogant husband. Yuko, on the other hand, was alone and struggling in a lonely army in Chiba, where she was assigned. Akasaka is waiting for Yuko who went to the head office in Tokyo at the meeting after a long time …!? (C) TBS