Ken Watabe and his wife, Nozomi Sasaki, said, “I’ve hurt my lovely wife.”

Comedy combination Ken Watabe (48) of Unjash held a press conference in Tokyo on the 3rd and apologized for the affair. He talked about his wife and actress Nozomi Sasaki. Ken Watabe of Unjash said, “This time, the very careless actions I have taken have caused a great deal of inconvenience to many people concerned and made many viewers feel very uncomfortable. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We are really sorry. ” “I would like to deeply and deeply apologize for the delay in the press conference after the turmoil, and for the unfaithful behavior in a very inappropriate place, which was reported in the press. I am really sorry.” Was lowered. When asked about his wife, Nozomi Sasaki, she said, “It’s natural that I’m really sorry, but my wife also told me, but I looked back decades later and said,’I’m glad I had this uproar.'” I want to aim for a life that people can say, “he said, revealing the words from Sasaki. And, “Because I’ve done this, I’m seen with curiosity everywhere, and it’s painful to hear that I’m behaving steadily in the field, and it’s really deep and deep. Reflection. I want to restore trust in my life as much as possible, “he confessed to Sasaki. He also revealed that Sasaki said at the press conference that he should apologize in good faith. Also, when asked why he had an affair with his lovely wife, he said, “I think I did something really stupid, and I hurt such a lovely wife. I’m sorry, “he said. In June, Watanabe was reported to have an affair with multiple women in “Weekly Bunshun” and announced that he would refrain from performing arts activities. It was reported that he had a secret meeting in a multipurpose toilet, but Watanabe admitted that “it was almost as reported.”