“D4DJ” main character unit “Happy Around!” Rinku Aimoto’s character DJ play distribution

From the new media mix project “D4DJ”, a preview movie of the character DJ play distribution of the main character unit “Happy Around!” Rinku Aimoto has been released. “Happy Around!” Rinku Aimoto A preview movie of the DJ play distribution program “# D4DJ_DJTIME vol.18” using real-time motion capture has been released on YouTube “D4DJ Channel”. The program, which will be distributed on December 4, will be performed by Rinku Aimoto (Happy Around!), The character of the “D4DJ Project”. On the day, DJ play by characters will be delivered by real-time rendering using the latest technology. It will show performance while communicating with users in both directions. “# D4DJ_DJTIME” is being distributed every Friday from 22:15, and in the past distribution times, D4DJ casts and characters have also distributed real-time DJ play. (C) bushroad All Rights Reserved.