Hey! Say! JUMP, smash.CM appointed secret story … “I got goose bumps” in the words of the members

The idol group Hey! Say! JUMP will appear in a new commercial for SHOWROOM’s vertical theater app “smash.” The commercial will be broadcast in the Kanto, Kansai, and Chubu areas from the 5th. For the Hey! Say! JUMP CM song, the song “Fab-ism”, which is exclusively distributing a vertical music video called Vertical in smash., Is adopted. The CM starts from the pupil do-up scene of one member. When the camera pulled, I realized that the eyes belonged to member Ryosuke Yamada, and said, “Hey, don’t leave.” You can feel the distance closer than the live performance, but in fact, the message “The palm is a special seat.” Is conveyed by the setting of the image stored in the smartphone. smash. is an app that was just released in October this year, and Hey! Say! JUMP has participated in various projects from the start, such as exclusive distribution of original programs and MVs as the first artist. The members said, “We also appeared in the full-length vertical work for the first time, and I was shocked that the whole body of all eight people was reflected and the members were close to each other. Such a feeling of short distance of” smash. ” “I’m excited to appear in a commercial that conveys a sense of intimacy!”, He said, “By all means, experience the” palm is a special seat. “Through the commercial and the actual app.” I would be grateful if you could. ” Also, a comment arrived from SHOWROOM about the reason for using Hey! Say! JUMP in this commercial. Hey! Say! Was able to share the magnificent mission and perspective of “smash.”, “Creating a completely new vertical media specializing in smartphone viewing from Japan,” at a very high level. “The biggest reason for using JUMP” was “I got goose bumps when I heard from a member that” we will spread smash. To the world and create a new era. ” Reveal a secret story. Regarding the situation at the shooting site, he said, “The members themselves are really aggressively coming up with various ideas such as camera work and planning ideas,” he said, “creating a work that is premised only on viewing on a smartphone.” “Smash.” Is the first experience for both the creator and the performer, and it is also a big challenge. Hey! Say! JUMP will accompany us with the same eyes and speed to such a big challenge. I’m really happy and reliable, “he praised the group. Immediately after its launch, smash. won first place in the free app download ranking on the App Store. It won the category award in the “Google Play Best of 2020 App Entertainment Category” announced on the 1st.