Megumi Ui, take off her swimsuit and slaughter with an adult pheromone

Gravure idol Megumi Ui has released the latest image DVD “Hidden Goto” (currently on sale for 4,180 yen including tax, sold by apricot). Since debuting as a gravure idol in 2018 with the release of the DVD “Hidden Goto”, it has become popular with its 158 cm tall, well-proportioned style of B83, W56, H85 and a D-cup bust of just the right size. Megumi Ui who is exploring. The DVD, which is the fourth in total, is wrapped in the sex appeal of the 26-year-old so that you can imagine it from an exciting title. She has been catching the eyes of gravure fans by showing off a radical scene from her debut work “Meimizu Yuu”, but the impression is that she is 26 years old and more radical. The scene with the glasses at the beginning makes us feel the sign, and as the scene progresses, the intensity doubles. Especially the scene of Japanese clothes and the scene of licking two candies while wearing a suspender type swimsuit are quite racy. The biggest highlight is the uniform scene that concludes the end. There are many highlights such as developing from a sailor suit to an underwear-style swimsuit, applying lotion to the body, and finally taking off the swimsuit.