Shin-Ei Animation production “Idolls!” Main visual, PV containing live scenes

The broadcast start date of the TV anime “Idolls!” Has been decided on January 8, 2021. At the same time, the main visual, PV, and ending theme song were announced. “Idolls!” Is an idol anime that Shin-Ei Animation challenges for the first time. The main story is produced in 3D, and the cast’s own motion capture is used for all character movements. A part of the main video is used for the PV that was unveiled on the live broadcast program “Idolls’ Stady 4U!” That was broadcast on YouTube and Nico Nico Live on December 5th today. Ami, Shiori, Ruka, and four people who are performing live on stage with the opening theme song are included. As with the opening theme song, Yohei Kisara is in charge of producing the ending theme song, and Idolls! It was decided to sing “Dream and Same” by four people. In addition, Idolls! Information on the future appearances of the four people has also been lifted. He will appear as a guest on FM FUJI’s radio program “Ayumi Fujii’s Ayuyu Cafe”, which is being broadcast every Saturday from 22:00, for four weeks from December 19th to January 9th, 2021. In addition, it will be decided to appear on “Firewood Burning at Home-Firewood Burning 24 Hours Live Broadcast 2020-” which will be broadcast live on NicoNico from 19:00 on December 24th. On January 1st, the week before the anime broadcast, a special program will be broadcast on BS Asahi from 23:00. TV anime “Idolls!” BS Asahi: From Friday, January 8, 2021 every Friday from 23:00


Original: Shin-Ei Animation
Director: Shota Nakano
Series composition: Takeshi Miyamoto
Character draft: Keiji Watarai
3DCG design: Masashi Kubota
Production: Shin-Ei Animation
Production cooperation: Ray
Casting: 81 Produce
Music Producer: Yohei Kisara
Music production: Stray Cats
Music production cooperation: APDREAM, HANO
Dance choreography: Hisako Arakaki


Aina: Aina Ryufuyu
Ami: Ami Mizuno
Bookmark: Shiori Hanaoka
Ruka: Ruka Yashiro (c) Idolls! Project