Yuichi Kimura and Kazuya Kamenashi, who co-starred after a long time, “became super strong”

It was revealed on the 5th that the talent Yuichi Kimura will appear in the NTV drama “Red Eyes Surveillance Investigation Team” (every Saturday from 22:00). Yuichi Kimura = Provided by Nippon Television The drama is a fictitious organization, KSBC, modeled after the actual police organization SSBC (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Support Analysis Center / Cyber ​​Crime Countermeasures Office + Forensics + Department Investigation Research Institute). Set in (Kanagawa Prefectural Police Investigation and Analysis Center). Kazuya Kamenashi, who plays the lead role, plays Kyosuke Fushimi, a special agent who pursues a serial killer who killed his beloved lover. Kimura will play Tatsujiro Yamazaki, a member of KSBC and a former professor of criminal psychology. It memorizes data of all crimes and accurately predicts the behavior of the criminal based on it. It’s insightful and sharp enough not to overlook even the slightest discomfort, but it’s usually humble and has an elusive atmosphere. Kimura commented, “I would like to use my clear mind to catch the criminal with Kamenashi-kun, who has become super strong since he co-starred as a teenager, and the members of the team.”