LOW IQ 01’s youth “1988 conscious of eating with music”

LOW IQ 01’s interview series “Ichan’s Youth”. Continuing from the last time looking back on 1987, the 6th edition is “1988”. What was Itchan’s 1988? I will talk with the world at that time.

-This time is 1988. Do you remember what Ichi was doing at the time?

I used to say that I liked 1986 in the 1980s. I really like 1988 as well. I’m in the third year of high school. After all, unlike the first and second years of high school, isn’t it a little adult? I start thinking. When I was about 18 years old, I started playing the most, but sadly my classmates entered the climax of the exam. In that case, only the dropouts will eventually gather, and that is also the band. From junior high school to this year, I was about a copy band, but in 1988, I finally did an original song. In 1988, I was doing my first live performance with an original song like the origin of the moment. I haven’t been to high school, but the two band members I formed at that time were students of the now-defunct Tama River High School. The Tamagawa High School Cultural Festival was the first live performance. I wasn’t a student there, but I borrowed the name of that student and participated (laughs). At that time, everyone was BOØWY or THE BLUE HEARTS, and for girls, Rebecca’s copy was in full swing. So we arranged and covered only one song, Iggy Pop’s “1970 (I Feel Alright)”, but everything else was original. Is that the starting point now?

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-You’re not a high school student at the school festival, right? Didn’t you say that?

I was free, so I went to school there a couple of times a week. Aigon (Shigekazu Aida)’s parents’ house is near, and I used to play with him until morning. The band members are also in that high school, so I went out to play and often stayed at the bakery, and I was there until the time I left school (laughs). On the way, my friends skipped one lesson and went out with me, or after school I just went into the studio. Is that its roots now?

-1988 is exactly the first year of Mr. Ichi’s original. Did you have a chance to do the original?

Among the classmates who didn’t play musical instruments, the number of bands making copies of BOØWY and THE BLUE HEARTS at school festivals has increased. The scorebook sold suddenly after the summer passed (laughs). I haven’t been to high school, but I don’t want to lose to the high school cover band, like the roadie of my senior band, I’ll do it with music! There was a consciousness. I’m free at home, and when I listen to music, I feel like I want to make more and more songs.

-In past interviews, I think that awakening to music and punk was in Mr. Ichi’s past history, but 1988 was exactly the year of the pillar leading to LOW IQ 01.

At that time, it was a bit like a mixture. I think it was music that had punk elements, house ska, psychobilly, and country elements. There was no one in my class who was doing the original. From around this time, I also went to auditions for live houses. I went to the studio once or twice a week to write songs.

-What kind of process did you use to write and arrange songs at that time?

From that time on, I started to make it myself to some extent like now. I wonder if the method has changed. Let the members listen and tell them that the drums are like this and the bass is like this. The band members at that time were originally a copy band, so it wasn’t like I could make bass or drum phrases. I think I was the leader of the guitar / vocal, making songs.

-It was exactly the origin. This time, I would like to look back on the year of 1988. Is there anything that left an impression on you in this year?

Is “Dragon Quest III” released this year? I’m not good at RPGs, and I liked shooting games, Mario Bros., and side-scrolling games. The world was booming, but I didn’t do it. Also, Yukio Iketani and Daisuke Nishikawa, who participated in the Seoul Olympics, are the same age as me. I remember feeling very close to that 18-year-old high school duo. I also remember, “Thanks to everyone at Tonneruzu.” The previous 1987, during a special program, Noritake Kinashi was doing something like how many days until the Seoul Olympics during the contest. Partly because of that, I felt that the Seoul Olympics were finally coming.

-The Tokyo Dome was completed in 1988.

I don’t watch baseball very much, but with the completion of the Tokyo Dome, a baseball broadcast was held on Sunday, and “Takeshi no Genki no Kiseki TV !!” was canceled. For a long time, I won’t be able to watch “Takeshi no Genki no Kiseki TV !!”. If it rains, the baseball broadcast will be canceled and you can watch it, right? The Tokyo Dome has a roof, so there is no stopping the rain! I thought. That’s why when I see the completion of the Tokyo Dome, I remember that I couldn’t watch “Takeshi no Genki no Kiseki TV !!” (laughs). After that, I didn’t expect Tokyo Dome to play live.

-Are there any things you can remember about fashion?

The astringent boom wasn’t around 1987. It became a little more common around 1988, and it felt like everyone was gathering in the center town of Shibuya, but the appearance of that astringent sword also changed. In 1987, when I talked about it, there were chemical wash and bag styles, but in 1988, I was surprised to find flannel shirts, bandanas, BMX, and skateboards. American casual was also around the time when used clothing came out. I also started wearing second-hand clothes around this time.

-It was around the time when the used clothing store “VOICE” in Harajuku started to appear. What kind of used clothing did you buy?

I’ve been searching for LEVIS’s Big E since this time. The used clothing boom hasn’t come yet, so I could buy jeans and denim jackets for 8,000 yen because there was no premiere of indigo in Chicago, Harajuku. An explosive boom will come in the next year or two. But I was lucky that I could buy a little before the boom.

-I started buying second-hand clothes around 1990, but it’s already expensive.

Originally, second-hand clothes were cheap, so when the price went up, I thought it was ridiculous. I still have the LEVIS 3rd jeans I bought at the time. It’s tattered, but I put on the cloth many times and put out repairs. I think I’m wearing it in the “Swear” music video. Also, around this time, I became addicted to psychobilly and started to make my hairstyle a flat top. You also play a little wood bass. What’s more? Black leather half coat is popular, but it’s a double shot for me. Everyone around me wore it.

-I have the impression that the black leather half coat was worn by the office lady.

I still remember, what would Aigon be Scott if I wore a leather jacket from Schott? (Laughs) You read it as a shot. But at this time of year, everyone has a double shot. Before that, UK leather jackets were popular, but from this time on, they have become a little American. The belt is not double.

-Where is the ignition point where the American casual wave came?

Isn’t it the movie “Colors: The City of Angels Disappeared”? I used to go to “SLAP SHOT” in Shibuya. After all, flannel shirts, bandanas, and caps were influenced. I also only wear flannel shirts these days. I think it’s my fashion of this era to cut the sleeves of flannel shirts and wear them. Psychobilly and all of them wore flannel shirts. I also wore LEVIS 606 quite a bit.

-It’s a slender guy, isn’t it?

Oh yeah, just the size. I also liked the old school guys from VANS and the high cut guys. It feels like the fashion of the world has definitely become America.

-It seems that fashion in 1988 has influenced youth fashion as American culture began to enter. Next, how about new products and hit products? There were Dragon Quest III, Mega Drive, Flower Rock, Rinse in Shampoo, and Nissan Motor CIMA.

Actually, we had a mega drive. I really liked SEGA’s Sonic games. Last time it was a PC engine, but this time it’s a mega drive and Sonic. At that time, the software wasn’t in the form of a disc yet. Also, as I recall from CIMA, all my classmates are starting to drive.

-You’re old enough to get a driver’s license.

But I was born in December, so most of 1988 was still 17 years old. So people around me got a driver’s license at a car license camp and took me to various places. I went to Kamakura for no reason.

-Are there any memorable words of the year?

“Otaku tribe” is a word that was already made around this time. The word otaku comes out later. Also, I have an image of the previous year as “couch potatoes”. I still remember that I didn’t go to school, so my friends would ride my bike and come to skip. So I don’t know why, but I’m bringing a video of “From the Northern Country”. Have you seen “from the north country”? I remember being shown that (laughs).

-Everyone sees it at the hangout.

But you don’t see it in the hangout (laughs). I remember in “From the North Country” that the music is the same as Metallica’s “Fight fire with fire”, so when I have friends, it’s said that it’s noisy to listen to it, but if it’s noisy, it’s my own Watch at home! It feels like (laughs). Another word I missed is the soy sauce face.

-I remember saying soy sauce face or sauce face in a project like “You can laugh!” Or something like a handsome grand prix.

I was just a soy sauce face. Because I had a single eye and a pure Japanese face. The rest is “Mamadoll”. Mamadol = Seiko Matsuda, isn’t it? Idols retire when they get married, but Seiko Matsuda is the only one, even if she has children. It is a run of Mamadol, and this word is Seiko Matsuda.

-Next is the hit song at that time. How about a table of the top 10 sales per year? Is there anything that left an impression on you?

For male idols, the generation change came here. Isn’t Toshi-chan (Toshihiko Tahara) or Match (Masahiko Kondo) becoming an adult and not feeling like an idol? That’s why Hikaru GENJI, who debuted in 1987, is sweeping the world. 1988 is the perfect world for them. There are 4 songs in the top 10 sales of the year. And it is the male fighting group that is sandwiched there. However, the single “TIME ZONE” after this will sell well with Dawn. This year is still Hikaru GENJI. What is a little surprising is Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s “Cheers” in 5th place. Certainly the drama “Tonbo” started this year. In 1988, “Thanks to everyone in Tonneruzu” started, and “New York Love Story” and Thursday’s drama were really interesting. At the member’s house, which has become a hangout after the studio is over, he watches TV in the flow of “Dragonfly”, “Thanks to everyone in Tonneruzu”, and “New York Love Story”.

-It’s a very good flow.

so. But what is ranked here is “Cheers”. “Cheers” is really earlier, isn’t it? I sang it at the 1985 graduation ceremony. It was a graduation song from that time.

-“Cheers” was the title song that was first recorded on the album released in 1980, and it was re-recorded and single-cut on this year’s self-cover album.

The 1980 “Cheers” is a bit fresh, folky and has a nice atmosphere. 1988 is not the heyday of Shizuka Kudo. It’s an idol three family. “Detective Sukeban” is coming here. Miho Nakayama’s hidden masterpiece “Sailor Clothes Rebellion Alliance” was in 1987. 10th place Toshinobu Kubota “You Were Mine” is a tie-up of the drama “Kimi no Hitomi taiho!”. I think this is the first trendy drama. “Kimi no Hitomi taiho!” Will start broadcasting as soon as 1988. I was really looking forward to this drama. After this, there is a drama “I want to hug you!”, W Asano (Yuko Asano and Atsuko Asano) came out. Renho also appears as a female police officer. This drama was really interesting. I was on location in Shibuya.

-In January 9th of this year, January Cool was “Taiho your eyes!”, Summer Cool was “I want to hug you!”, And in the fall and winter, “You lied”.

“My wife rolls her arms! ]Is Miho Nakayama. There are various points where the times change here. “Kinpachi sensei, 3rd grade B” is also the 3rd series in this year, but unlike the previous series, it is a time when school violence has disappeared and it has settled down. That’s why the Kinpachi series is a calm series, and it ended in one cool. However, the audience rating is 27%, which is higher than “Teacher Binbin Monogatari”. The audience rating may be so, but the fact that the times have changed is that Toshi-chan, who was a student until then, will be a teacher. When Hikaru GENJI was active as an idol, Toshi-chan was no longer an idol but an actor. It will start selling again in “Teacher Bin Bin Monogatari”.

-I see.

There was a drama of Toshi-chan called “Kinta Juban Game!” Set in Azabujuban, Toshi-chan is the role of some generation of rice cracker shop. The role of my sister is Yui Asaka. Because it’s Thursday. It was a flow of watching this, watching Tunnels, and watching “New York Love Story”. It was a hidden masterpiece, wasn’t it? There was also “Abunai Deka”. I prefer the first series, but this is a masterpiece.

-Next, I would like to ask you about movies. Is there anything that left an impression on you in the box office revenue rankings for Japanese and Western films in 1988?

I don’t have much image of “Dunhuang”, which is the number one Japanese movie.

-It’s a Chinese-Japanese joint historical movie.

That’s why I wasn’t really interested (laughs). I really remember “Yushun”, starring Naoto Ogata. I remember that Tunnels was doing it in Tale, the upper body was a human and the lower body was a horse. “Ikoka Modoroka” is a spin-off of the previous year’s “Seven Men and Women Autumn Story”, I remember this very well. I wonder if there was something like pacific saury Akashiya or Shinobu Otake flying in a wheelchair in a commercial. That’s what pacific saury Akashiya said, “If you’re saying it!”, I think it’s from here. I also remember … “Bee Bop High School High School Yotaro Madoukyoku” was released in December 1987, isn’t it? Is this the role of a female college student and Yoshie Kashiwabara? But it’s a setting I don’t really understand. The Bee Bop series sometimes has settings that I don’t quite understand. Yuko Asano appears in a role like an older sister that is not in manga, which is common in movie series.

-It’s a story about Shibata and Nishi coming out.

Joto dropout group. I remember that Yoshie Kashiwabara lives along the Tama River in the play. I think that is Futakotamagawa. That’s because I used to go to the Tama River High School all the time. I don’t know if it’s on the Kawasaki side or the Tokyo side. This is interesting again, isn’t it? For some reason, Toru comes to help on a horse (laughs).

It says that Toru is riding a horse that he stole from Chindonya.

Yes Yes! At that time, CG wasn’t working properly, and if you look closely, the horse is a picture. This is also my favorite time. But my favorite is Ryo Mochida’s previous work. What’s the rest? The rest is “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo Torajiro Monogatari”. I told you before that I’ve been watching the Tora-san series recently. But I haven’t seen this yet. Who is Madonna?

-This is Kumiko Akiyoshi.

Ah, I see. That sounds interesting. This is a feeling that Tora-san is getting older in the Tora-san series. Mitsuo-kun was getting bigger. I see, Tora-san has been very popular. After that … “Marusa no Onna 2”. This is the story of a national tax investigator directed by Juzo Itami. I remember somehow. Is Kyusaku Shimada appearing in “Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis”?

-Mieko Harada and Junichi Ishida also appeared.

Trendy actors have already appeared. And next is a Western movie, but I don’t know anything about this area (laughs). “Last Emperor” is famous, but I haven’t seen it, and I feel like it’s the third work without even knowing the Rambo series. But “Robocop” is a masterpiece, isn’t it? There is also “007 / Living Daylights”, but I don’t know who came out. It’s not Roger Moore anymore these days. The Academy Award is “Rain Man” starring Dustin Hoffman. It’s the role of a person with intellectual disabilities. I remember this great commercial. But I don’t remember at all (laughs).

-Isn’t it the year you were absorbed in the band and didn’t watch a lot of movies at this time?

Yeah. In this year, I was addicted to “Colors Angel’s Disappearing City”. Who is Madonna’s husband? Is it starring Sean Penn? When was “Sid and Nancy”?

-It’s a 1986 work, but it was released in Japan in 1988.

right? I went to see it around the current Shibuya WWW. Both “Colors: The City of Angels” and “Sid and Nancy” were movies that led to music and fashion.

-In summary, what kind of year was 1988 for Mr. Ichi?

I didn’t say the year I woke up to music before. It was this year that I became more motivated to live with music this year. Before that, it was an extension of fun with a copy band, but it was this year that I decided to eat with music with a professional mind.

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