Arashi walks in the light “anan” cover talks about this year’s memories and feelings for fans

Arashi, an idol group announcing the suspension of activities by the end of 2020, will be on the cover of the December 16th issue of the women’s gravure weekly magazine “anan” (Magazine House). The special feature on the cover of “anan” No. 2230 (released on December 16th) is “The Miracle of Entertainment!”, Which introduces inspirational entertainment. Five people who are truly “stars in the entertainment world”, suitable for the cover and special feature. The cover & gravure theme is “Arashi, the one and only light.” The five people, who are brilliant lights for all fans, became a cool cover that walks in five lights. During the shooting, Jun Matsumoto called out, “OK, let’s walk again!” While trying several times, and there was also a scene where he started walking with his breath. The editorial department of the magazine said, “The appearance is exactly the performance of the group full of the strongest star power that Arashi showed us. It was the best piece that made my heart warm while shooting. “. In the middle gravure, in addition to the dignified and stylish solo appearance of the members dressed in formal suit style, a pair shot with a happy and cute atmosphere is shot with a relay. Also pay attention to the unique combinations of Sho Sakurai and Masaki Aiba, Satoshi Ohno and Satoshi Ohno, Kazunari Ninomiya, Ninomiya and Matsumoto, and Matsumoto and Sakurai. In the solo interview, the five people looked back on this year and thought about their memories as members of Arashi and “the miracle and charm of entertainment.” In 2020, people all over Japan and all over the world faced various problems, and he talked sincerely about the power of entertainment that each of them felt. In addition, a roundtable interview with all five members is also posted. From the episode that I thought was the most “Arashi-like” in 2020, what I felt at “Arafes 2020 at National Stadium”, which was the first live broadcast without audience, and “Fan’s” which is an irreplaceable existence for five people He talks carefully about his feelings for “everyone”. (C) Magazine House