“It’s like a figure” It is talked about that the steampunk costume of fire general Rosiel is too cool

Cosplayer Fire General Rosiel updated Twitter on Saturday, 5th. He shows off his steampunk outfit and is a hot topic.

[Photo]Fire general Rosiel, steampunk outfit to dress in outstanding style

In addition to being a cosplayer, Rosiel is a multi-talented fireman who is active in corporate events, television, magazines, and producing the maid cafe “Cat Ear Maid Shop” in Akihabara.

This time, the fire general posted the full coordination of the fashion brand “OZZON”. She wears a costume packed with the world of steampunk in an outstanding style.

On the internet, this post received acclaimed comments such as “It’s like a figure”, “I want to be shot by Roshi-chan”, and “It’s too beautiful”.

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▽ Fire general Rosiel
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