JK bungee from the top of the bridge to promote Ibaraki “Where is Ibaraki?” Volume 1

Aki Maeda’s “Where is Ibaraki?” Volume 1 serialized in Manga Time (Houbunsha) was released today by Houbunsha on December 7th. Some bookstores offer purchase benefits. In addition to the benefits that are available at stores nationwide, there are some that can only be obtained at bookstores in Ibaraki. “Where is Ibaraki?” Is a four-frame work set in the editorial department of a town magazine that delivers information on Ibaraki to local residents. Suzuko Isagi, a new employee who lives in Ginza, Tokyo and doesn’t know anything about Ibaraki, and Tae, a high school girl from Ibaraki who has a strong admiration for Tokyo, will laugh with unique characters. Using Tae as a reporter, he will draw a PR video of Ibaraki, and delve into the attractions of various parts of the prefecture, such as the Ryujin Dam, where you can enjoy bungee jumping from 100 meters above the ground, and Kairakuen, a famous place for plum blossoms.Bonus information Animate Mito, Animate AEON MALL Tsuchiura: Message paper
COMIC ZIN: Illustration card
Toranoana: Illustration card
Book Ace (excluding some stores): Bonus paper
Miraiya Shoten Mitouchihara, Miraiya Shoten Tsukuba, Miraiya Shoten Tsuchiura: Message Paper
Melon Books: Illustration Card
WonderGOO (Ibaraki only): Postcard
Haruya Bookstore Ikeya Takaoka Store, Shosen / Horindo Bookstore, BookFirst (Shinjuku Store and some other stores), Kikuya Bookstore Group (excluding some stores), Wanda-Rando Namba Store, Hibariya Bookstore Comic Land Hibariya, etc. Some stores: Common message paper