The more you work hard, the more “feeling of fatigue” will increase … Diet NG habits that should not be done

◆ Your diet is ruined! What are the 5 NG diet habits?
It’s been a long time since the word “corona fatness” has been talked about, and I think many people are trying to diet, but I hear a few voices saying “tired”, “irritated”, and “no motivation” due to the wrong diet. The current situation is that there are many cases.

So, as a wellness and diet expert, I would like to introduce you to five wrong diet habits that can ruin your diet plan and increase your fatigue. You can diet efficiently by knowing in advance the common NG habits that you may unexpectedly do without knowing it!

◆ 1. Set unrealizable goals
The more serious people are, the more likely they are to impose strict rules on themselves, such as “going to the gym five times a week,” “cutting off all sugar,” and “making all organic foods.” Can you keep those rules for the rest of your life? If you set an unrealizable goal first, you will blame yourself more than you need to, and you will feel guilty and exhausted both physically and mentally when an unavoidable situation arises.

When starting a diet, it is important to ask yourself, “Can this diet last a lifetime?” And work only on those that can answer “YES!”. It is also important to set small goals that you can do.

For example, if you weigh yourself, it is ideal to lose about 1 kg a month.

・ “Weight loss” → “Exercise to get a beautiful body line”
・ “Do not eat” → “Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet”
・ “Sweet food is cut off” → “Eat only one bite slowly”

Let’s replace it with the positive rule.

Rather than rules such as “○○ is no good & NG”, rules that are replaced with positive words can be executed without stress and are easier to continue.

◆ 2. Eliminate carbohydrates and lipids
Although there are many cases of successful dieting with carbohydrate restriction, humans need about 170 g of sugar per day. Of that amount, 120g is consumed by the brain, and 30g is said to be consumed as an energy source for red blood cells that carry oxygen and other substances throughout the body, so sugar is an essential nutrient for sustaining life.

When carbohydrates are excluded from the diet, the liver works to convert the amino acids that make up proteins into sugars, which puts a strain on the liver and causes the body to break down its muscles. As it is converted to amino acids, muscle mass is steadily decreasing, leading to a feeling of fatigue.

Also, you don’t have to completely eliminate your favorite foods other than sugar. Instead of eliminating them, learn how to make good use of healthy ingredients and incorporate them into your diet.

For example, if you like cream-based seasoning, use avocado or yogurt instead of whipped cream or butter, and if you like fried food, use crushed nuts as a batter and bake in the oven. ..

◆ 3. Replace meals with drinks only
Many people take only smoothies and vegetable juices instead of meals, but this alone often does not provide the necessary nutrients, so long-term use is NG.

Most of the ingredients for smoothies, even green smoothies, are fruits such as citrus fruits, bananas, and kiwis, and the weight of vegetables such as Japanese mustard spinach and celery is low in the total amount. I tend to fall into. In addition, sweeteners may be used in commercially available vegetable juices, so be careful if you drink too much.

In addition, liquid smoothies and vegetable juices that do not require chewing have the advantage of being easy to digest, but since the internal organs such as the esophagus, stomach, and intestines are also made of muscle, the habit of not eating solids continues. It also reduces digestive ability and leads to aging of internal organs.

In addition, drinking cold can also cool your body! Cold is a great enemy of diet and beauty, so even if you want to go on a diet and be beautiful and healthy, there is a high possibility that you will have a spiral of upset, such as fatigue and swelling due to cold.

It’s okay to fast for a few days when your gastrointestinal tract is weak, such as the day after you drank alcohol or when you’ve been binge eating, but don’t practice it for a long time.

◆ 4. Excessive exercise
If you overdo everything, the disadvantages will be more noticeable.

“I feel uncomfortable if I don’t run ○ km a day!” “Raise the dumbbells ○ times” “Squat 100 times”, etc. By continuing excessive exercise for a long time and for a long time, fatigue accumulates and becomes a state of chronic fatigue. It will be.

If you do not take it seriously even in such a state and work harder to improve your condition, not only will you not be able to perform as usual, but you will also feel heavy in your daily life, sleeplessness, anxiety, and concentration. It will also drop.

As with your diet, it’s important to initially set realistic goals that you can reasonably incorporate into your daily schedule. Let’s work with a margin of mind and body, such as “You can increase the frequency and number of times whenever you can afford it!”

◆ 5. Weight-controlled
Checking your weight while you are on a diet is a must, but you don’t have to be limited to your weight. No matter how hard you eat or exercise, you can never continue to lose weight. There is a great possibility that you will lose weight even while you are on a diet, and even if you lose weight one day, you will often gain weight the next day. Especially for women, it can be considered that the weight before and after menstruation is considerably higher and lower due to hormones.

For that reason, it is recommended that you ride on the scale about once a week so that you will not be overwhelmed by weight gain or loss and you will not be wasted.

And, looking at changes in the body line reflected in the mirror and good physical condition (coldness, constipation, sleep, etc.) rather than weight will bring you closer to a healthy beauty body that does not rebound in the long run. Let’s do it.

Did you find something that applies to you? A successful diet will come true only if you keep a healthy body and mind that will not get tired! Please check it out.

Sentence = Kiyoka Wada (Diet / Body Care Guide)