Former AKB48 Sakiko Matsui’s first photo book, challenging her bold lingerie with the theme of “delusion”[14 photos]

Former AKB48 and now active talent Sakiko Matsui will release her first photobook “Sakiko Matsui 1st Photobook Sakiko” (KADOKAWA) on January 18th (Monday).

[Photo]First photobook pre-cut that challenged bold lingerie[14 photos]

Sakiko Matsui has been active as a member of AKB48 from 2008 to 2015, and after graduating, she is active as a talent such as making use of her special skill piano. From 2018, the regular program “Sakiko Matsui’s Anxious Child” has started on NACK5, and is loved by fans as “the lover of your ears”.

In the 1st photo book, Matsui, who is celebrating his 30th birthday on December 10th, was photographed under the theme of “the last delusion in his 20s.” Miniskirts and shorts that make the most of the 167 cm style, pure white, lavender, green, navy, lace, and many other lingerie, and a bright red bikini swimsuit that you have never seen before, relaxing on the sofa. It is a book full of full-blown photos showing the skin unique to the world of “delusion”.

Also included are 11 delusional essays written from the perspective of Sakiko Matsui, with a boyfriend. Matsui’s unique view of the world, such as the photo book starting from the scene of playing the piano in a beautiful light blue transparent dress, along with the essay written by Matsui, “I was supposed to practice the piano as usual …” You can fully enjoy it.

At the time of release, Matsui said, “It’s a delusional book that was shot in my twenties! It’s still a dream that this is my first photobook. It’s a world of delusions, so it’s free and bold. I hope you can see me as a little grown-up, and I hope you will enjoy it while delusional together! “

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