Special feature on Ryo Ikuemi with a kettle!Interview with Naoki Urasawa and long interview with Tamio Okuda

Ryo Ikuemi will be featured in Kettle VOL.57 (Ohta Publishing) released on December 15th. The cover is drawn by Ikuemi, and Zenju of “Good night crow, please come again.” Appears as he is reading a book and relaxing. It is said that a model of this pose appears in the special feature. Also posted a dialogue between Ikuemi and Naoki Urasawa, who has almost the same career and age. There will also be a corner where Ikuemi answers the questions of 41 people and introduces items that Ikuemi wants to bring to the uninhabited island. In addition, there are also projects such as the “Ikuemi World Survey Team” that develops cocktails that match Ikuemi’s local confectionery from too detailed information about the work. “My Best of Ikuemi Aya” with Sho Ayanokoji, Tomosakarie, Kaori Mochida, Masami Nagasawa, Eriko Hashimoto and others, as well as film director Yuka Eda and playwright Shuko Nemoto There was also a page to analyze the technique of turning lines. Also included is a long interview with Tamio Okuda, who Ikuemi professes to be a big fan. Includes a talk by models Fumiko Aoyagi and Emma Maeda, photographer Yoko Kusano on the theme of “Ikuemi Boys”, and an article by book reviewer Saori Kuramoto. Even Ikuemi fonts that can be used freely have been posted. Check the official kettle website for details. The kettle will be suspended with the same issue. Kettle VOL.57

Special feature I love Ryo Ikuemi!

41 questions Please answer this all! Ryo Ikuemi × Naoki Urasawa “Hello, everyone! Our work is a cartoonist.” Also this shelf carpenter Emi World expedition My Best Of Ryo Ikuemi of Arebai in the uninhabited island (Sho Ayanokoji, Ryoko Nakamura, Ryo Ikuemi, Kaori Mochida, Masami Nagasawa, Eriko Hashimoto, Miyako Takayama, Chiaki Sato) Analysis of movie director Yuka Eda! Analysis of the playwright Shuko Nemoto! Dialogue turning technique Saori Kuramoto “The outline of existence, the outline of the world that changes from the viewpoint” Emma Maeda x Fumiko Aoyagi x Yoko Kusano “The” imperfect prince “Ikuemi boy who goes back and forth between fictitious and real” Feel free to use Please Ikuemi Font Tamio Okuda Long Interview “In music, I always want to have a feeling that it might be interesting to try it.”