Nicole Fujita, voice of “like Emma who has grown up” in the cosplay appearance of “The Promised Neverland”

Talent Nicole Fujita updated Twitter on Thursday, 10th. The cosplay figure of Emma, ​​the main character of the popular manga “The Promised Neverland”, has been released.

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Nicole Fujita, who nicknamed “Nikorun” in “Popteen” (Kadokawa Haruki Office) and is currently the exclusive model for “ViVi” (Kodansha). He has been active as a talent, regularly appearing in “London Hearts” (TV Asahi) and “Hirunandesu!” (NTV).

On the 10th, Fujita updated Twitter with “I’ve been holding the opening ceremony for The Promised Neverland Exhibition, Emma’s cosplay (my own wig) for the first time in a year.” The cosplay figure of Emma, ​​the main character, who was shown at the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the popular manga “The Promised Neverland” was released.

Comments were received in the post, such as “This is too cute”, “Emma itself”, “The cosplay that is recommended is precious”, and “It looks like Emma who has grown up !!”.

The “The Promised Neverland” exhibition “The Promised Neverland Exhibition” will be held at Roppongi Hills Observatory Tokyo City View Sky Gallery until January 11th (Monday) next year.

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