“Baku Chu Mondai” will be delivered live on the 25th with the appearance of Lotti, Hanako, Kusanagi Miyashita and others.

It has been decided that “Baku Chu Mondai Christmas Live 2020”, in which comedy duo and Bakusho Mondai will appear, will be distributed on Fuji TV’s video distribution service FOD from midnight on the 18th. From “Baku Chu Mondai Christmas Live 2020”, “Baku Chu Mondai” is a collection of things that the genius mouse “Otapikari” (Hikari Ota) and the ordinary mouse “Tana Chu” (Yuji Tanaka) picked up from the human world. A program in which you can make a random interpretation of words you don’t understand, or you can have a rampage with your fellow mice. Every year, we have performed a concert in front of about 400 parents and children, but this year we will deliver it by distribution due to the influence of the new coronavirus. This time, in addition to “Pikari” and “Tanachu” from the Baku Chu Mondai issue, friends such as Lotti, Hanako, Kusanagi Miyashita, Nagano, Mitsu Dan, Misoo No, Daniels, and Hideki Yamanaka dressed as mice. Perform a control with the theme of “Exterminating our demons”. In the story, the world of mice is exposed to the threat of demons, and when they are attacked, the attacked mice also become demons. “Tanajiro” dressed as Tanachu and her younger sister “Pikako” dressed as Tanachu live with her grandfather. While Tanajiro is going out to sell charcoal to the city, his grandfather and Pikako are attacked by a demon, and Pikako saves his life but becomes a demon. Tanajiro decided to join the “Oni Defeat Corps” to protect Pikako and fight the demons. Furthermore, from 17:00 on the 25th of Christmas day, it has been decided that “Baku Chu Mondai’s Happy Christmas!” Will be broadcast live on FOD, featuring Baku Chu Mondai. The two people who finished the recording will talk about the inside story of the scene, and there will be plenty of content such as songs and games. Pikarito Tana Chu commented, “Everyone-Merry Christmas! I couldn’t live this year, but a lot of funny mice will gather and deliver a super fun conte. Watch it with all Chu Chu!” ing. (C) TITAN / TOPICS / Fuji TV