Job offer: Customer in Shibuya with Fidel Consulting

Computer Software
Employment form: Full-time employee, full-time employee
Required skills: Japanese1, English2, Sales, Accounting, IT Solution Sales
Municipality: Shibuya-ku
Prefectures: Tokyo
Work location: Japan
Annual salary: 5,000,000 ~ 8,000,000

Job Description

Job Description

SPEEDA is a corporate and industry information platform that delivers economic information to solve problems in the collection and analysis of information for business people with the concept of “speed in the evolution of companies. SPEEDA is a business and industry information platform that delivers economic information to solve the challenges of information collection and analysis for business people.
The service is mainly used by financial institutions, consulting firms, general trading companies, and business companies. It covers all kinds of business information, including corporate information, industry reports, market data, news, statistics, and mergers and acquisitions from around the world. in the corporate planning and M & A sectors.


  • New business meetings with inbound leads
  • Because I am in charge of a very large operating company, I am responsible for about 30-40% of the total number of projects. It is therefore important to think of the “creation” of projects.
  • It is important to think in terms of “creating new business opportunities”.
  • Planning and execution of other plans to accelerate customer contact and customer value, in coordination with marketing, inside sales, customer support, product development, etc.
  • You will be able to work close to a full remote location, with the exception of some meetings that require a visit.
  • You’ll be able to get involved in the transformation of some of Japan’s leading companies not only through account sales practices, but also through product transformation.
  • You’ll be involved in the evolution of services based on feedback from major corporate clients, with lots of research and analysis


  • 5+ years of B2B sales experience with strategic thinking and unconventional sales activities
  • You must be able to relate to the mission and seven values ​​of the user base
  • Must be able to communicate openly
  • Must be able to work well with other teams
  • Flexibility to change depending on customer and business challenges
  • Ability to accomplish things in a fast-paced manner
  • Strong communication skills.
  • A strong sense of responsibility and the ability to finish the job.
  • You have a positive attitude towards everything
  • Must be able to work well in a team environment
  • You have a venture mind and find the challenging field challenging and rewarding.

Preferred Qualification

  • Experience in account sales
  • Experience in approaching conglomerates
  • Experience approaching manufacturers, material manufacturers and trading companies
  • Experience in sales of SaaS products
  • Experience in IT solution sales
  • Experience with overwhelming results
  • Experience with SFA (Salesforce, etc.)


  • Salary: Determined based on experience and ability
  • Transportation expenses
  • Child benefits
  • Complete social insurance
  • Paid vacation (10 days)
  • Closed on weekends and holidays
  • Long vacation system (a benefit package that allows you to take seven consecutive holidays, including weekends, twice a year, apart from paid holidays)
  • PC supply (you can choose any PC within your budget)

Company Description We provide a foundation of intelligence that supports the needs of business and business people. We analyze, organize, and create global information so you can make the right decisions at the right time unleashing your creative and innovative potential.

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