Shohei Miura, Haruma Miura “Maybe there” “Tengaisha” starring Space taken

The public commemorative stage greeting of the movie “Tengaramon” (released on December 11) starring the late actor Haruma Miura was held in Tokyo on the 12th, Shohei Miura, Yuki Morinaga, Directors Aoi Morikawa, Misako Renbutsu, Mariko Tsutsui, and Mitsutoshi Tanaka have appeared. From the left, director Mitsutoshi Tanaka, Aoi Morikawa, Yuki Morinaga, (Haruma Miura), Shohei Miura, Misako Renbutsu, Mariko Tsutsui This is an original work featuring Tomoatsu Godai, a businessman who lived from the end of the Edo period to the early Meiji era. With the soul of a samurai and the talent of a merchant, he became a historical youth ensemble drama centered on the life of the five generations who laid the foundations of the commercial city of Osaka from the Satsuma domain to the Meiji government officials. Shohei Miura, who plays Ryoma Sakamoto, said, “I’m here with you today with Haruma, so I’m looking forward to working with you for a short time.” “Originally, when I was eating rice with Haruma, I told him about the role of Ryoma,” I’m going to play the role of Godai in the movie “Tengaijin, but I want Shohei to play Ryoma Sakamoto.” Listen, “he recalls. “It’s been over 10 years since I met him, so he said he wanted to do it together, and he said,’If Haruma tells me, I’ll do it. Then I’ll officially wait for the offer.'” I revealed. Furthermore, “When I can’t go to the scene, or when I can’t meet easily, Haruma tells me to read through. In the car I go surfing, on the phone, if I have time to meet, I make and read through. It feels like we’ve done it together and entered the scene, “he said. “My Ryoma is a Ryoma made because of Haruma, so I’m really grateful.” Director Tanaka also said, “I’m worried when Shohei isn’t in the rehearsal. At that time, Haruma says,’Director, okay, rest assured. I’ll tell Shohei about this atmosphere and read through.'” Please tell me. ” “The next time I came, it would be a perfect role, and Shohei-kun made it, so I had good communication and played a wonderful role as a chairman. It’s like Haruma Miura, the lead actor,” he praised. Renbutsu, a high school classmate who played the role of a married couple, also said, “Before I got the official offer, when I went to dinner, I took out the proposal and said,’I’m going to do this next time, do you want to do it?'” “When did you become a producer?” With a smile, and Director Tanaka said, “For a long time.” Director Tanaka said, “I’m a really caring man. He supported me in the shadows. I haven’t heard such stories since this campaign.” Shohei Miura once again said, “He was a co-star, a staff member, and a person who looked at those people more than himself and cherished them more than himself. A man who cares about things, always looks around, and when someone seems to be unwell, he rushes in and asks, “What’s wrong?” He is a really wonderful man, even as a chairman. ” Says. Furthermore, when asked, “What kind of impression does Haruma Miura have when she sees the finished product?”, She said, “What do you say? I think you’re there, but you’re shy.” Question. “I think I’m more thankful than anyone else for opening the curtain and delivering it to you, and maybe I’m more regretful than anyone else. But maybe I’m saying” Thank you “with a refreshing smile.” I expected. During the photo session, Shohei Miura talked to the people around him and took a picture of Haruma Miura, who starred in the photo session. At the end, after the name of the speaker was read aloud from the MC, an introduction was made saying “It was Haruma Miura, the lead actor!”.