“Walking Eros Sprinkler” Reira Aiba, lotion play in a swimsuit that is too racy

Reira Aiba, a gravure idol, has released the latest image DVD “Ai to Trap” (currently on sale for 4,180 yen including tax, sold by Line Communications). Reira Aiba, who released the DVD “Ai to Trap”, made her debut as a race queen in 2015, and from the same year, Reira Aiba has been attracting attention at photo sessions. He made his gravure debut with the 1st DVD “Sprinkler” released in October 2019, and attracted gravure fans by revealing the three sizes of B96, W63, H100 and the bust of the H cup to a height of 167 cm. She released a gravure DVD for the first time in a year. It is one that makes you feel eroticism suitable for the catch phrase “Walking Eros Sprinkler”. The character played by Aiba is an insurance sales lady. At first, he is confused by being mischievous by his business partners and bosses, but from the middle of the process, he becomes enthusiastic and faces a sexy scene. Also, one of the highlights is the bondage costume scene and the office scene. In addition, in the Japanese-style room scene that decorates the end, licking scenes and lotion play are shown in swimsuits that are too racy. It is the true value of “walking erotic sprinklers”. An event commemorating the release of the DVD will be held on December 19th at Sofmap AKIBA 1st store Subcal Mobile Building 6F (16: 00 ~) in Akihabara, Tokyo (may be canceled or postponed).