Mackenyu Nitta is surprised at the actions of his father, Sonny Chiba, for the starring work! “Sengoku Self-Defense Force” homage

A press conference on the production of the movie “Brave -Gunsei Senki-” (released on March 12, 2021) was held in Tokyo on the 14th, with Mackenyu Nitta, Hirona Yamazaki, Nobuyuki Suzuki (theatrical company EXILE), Keisuke Watanabe, and Motohiro. Director Katsuyuki has appeared. From the left, directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Mackenyu Nitta, Hirona Yamazaki, and Keisuke Watanabe are live-action adaptations of the popular manga “Gunjo Senki” by Masaki Kasahara. High school students who spend their daily lives as usual suddenly travel back in time to the entire school during the Warring States period. Having been active in prestigious sports schools, they aim to survive the Warring States period and return to a peaceful modern age by making use of their “physical abilities cultivated through club activities” and “knowledge of modern people who know the future.” Nitta, who starred for the first time alone, recalls, “Since there were so many people, I just wanted to create a site where I could communicate with everyone.” Yamazaki said about Nitta, “When I went too far in front of me, he casually escorts me in the play. I haven’t had much experience in action, so he helped me when I was full. Test Thank you for taking care of me, “Is it okay? Isn’t it difficult to move?” Suzuki also praised the chairman, saying, “The three (Nitta, Yamazaki, Suzuki) were childhood friends, and since it was their first co-star, Mackenyu really took the initiative to communicate with us very much.” On the other hand, Watanabe complained, “The relationship between the three people is very good. It was a role to see this feeling of friendship from the side, but it was a two-month shoot that made me feel very lonely.” “That’s not the case, you talked a lot during the break!” Tsukkomi said. Watanabe said, “If I really got along and thought” I want to mix “, I saw Mackenyu running up like a child and thought” I did it “and mixed it, but behind the scenes it was like that. I received it. ” In addition, director Motohiro will show a surprising episode, “I met my father (Sonny Chiba) before I met Mackenyu. I read the script of” Gunsei Senki “.” Director Motohiro said, “I’m a little nervous, I’m saying, I’m the director,” and I ended up with “Oh, that’s that.” I couldn’t touch it at all. “Let’s fix it.” He said, “I’m really nervous.” Nitta didn’t seem to be informed, “Did that happen !? Director Motohiro said, “My dad has appeared in a masterpiece called’Sengoku Self-Defense Force’, so I thought it was a bit similar, and there are a lot of homages.”