Yoshizumi, the joy of winning “THE W” to the members of Jinrikisha “make everyone smile even a little”

Comedian Yoshizumi, who won the 4th queen of the comedian race “Female Entertainer No. 1 Final Battle THE W”, was delighted to attend an online victory interview on Nippon Television in Shiodome, Tokyo on the 14th after the live broadcast of the final. Said. “Female entertainer No. 1 deciding match THE W” Yoshizumi, the 4th queen, has won the “THE W” for the 4th time in her 6th year and 5th year of pin history. “Honestly, I feel like I’ve finally won, and I’ve been doing all the material, so I’m really happy that I won the award race,” he said in the first voice. I have challenged various award races, but I was deeply moved, saying, “When it comes to controlling with a pin, it was difficult to win against the combination and trio’s control and comics, so I wonder if my story was finally accepted.” Ge. Among them, regarding the impression of “THE W”, “I thought that it was the most difficult prize race to win here because there are not so many different martial arts competitions, so I definitely wanted to win here. Since I was born a woman, I definitely wanted to catch “THE W”. ” When I asked the person who wanted to convey the joy of winning, he said, “Is it everyone in the Jinrikisha? I think it could bring great news,” said the members of the agency that was shaken by the turmoil of Unjash and Ken Watabe. Compassionate Yoshizumi. “I wish I could make everyone smile, and I really want to convey (joy),” he said. In addition, as a pin entertainer, he was enthusiastic that he would like to win the “R-1 Grand Prix 2021”, which was narrowed down to participate within 10 years of his career. Yoshizumi has a prize of 10 million yen and 14 popular programs of NTV (“Ariyoshi no Kabe”, “Law Consultation Center where you can line up”, “Boiling Word 10”, “I tried to compare tonight”, “Dancing! Sanma Goten !!” “I’m sorry for my Gaya!” “NETA FESTIVAL JAPAN” “The best class in the world” “Refreshing” “ZIP!” “Baguette” “Laughing and collaborating!” “Shuichi” “One minute deep story that changes your life” 』) Acquired the right to appear and the crown program. In this, he shows his motivation, “I want to do a character control on” Ariyoshi no Kabe “.” This year’s judging will be viewed by data broadcasting with 6 professional judges (1 vote each), Akira Kawashima (Kirin), Takushi Tanaka (Ungirls), Tetsuo (laughing rice), Masami Hisamoto, Hiromi, Ringo (high heels). Scored by a total of 7 votes (1 vote). The moderator was Terumoto Goto and Asami Miura announcer at Football Hour. In addition, Spike (Yoshimoto Kogyo), who was initially decided to advance to the final, postponed the appearance due to the infection with the new coronavirus, and Taree Turkey, who was the runner-up in the semi-final, advanced to the final. Successive winners are the first Yuriyan Retriever, the second Asagaya sisters, and the third heroine at 3 o’clock.

■ A block match results

◯ TEAM BANANA 4-3 Oda Ueda
TEAM BANANA 2-5 Red pickled ginger ◯
◎ Beni Shoga 7-0 Tarley Turkey
■ B block match results
A Masso 3-4 Yuriyan Retriever ◯
Yuriyan Retriever 2-5 Yoshizumi ◯

◯ Yoshizumi 5-2 is nothing
◎ Yoshizumi 5-2 Boru Juku
■ Final battle

◎ Yoshizumi 6-1 Red pickled ginger