Noriyuki Higashiyama teaches dance to Hanamaru & Chidori! “If I’m not good, I’ll kick you.”

Noriyuki Higashiyama will appear as a guest on “Hanamaru Daikichi & Chidori no Teppan!” (Kansai Fuji TV, every Tuesday from 22:00), which will be broadcast on December 15. At the “Monster Teacher” corner, the “Higashiyama Dance Class” was opened with ABC-Z’s Ryosuke Hashimoto and Koichi Goseki as assistants. Lectures on the choreography of Shonentai’s famous songs such as “Kimi ni ni ni” and “Masked Butohkai” to Hanamaru Hakata, Daikichi and Chidori.

Manzai, talk, location, all of which are first-class products, MC Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi and Chidori, who are leading the current comedy world, listen to the guest’s Teppan (= absolutely interesting) story.

Everyone was very excited to see the many “triangles” that can be seen everywhere in the dance, which Higashiyama said, “I always cherish … make a triangle somewhere.” Then, the four people who learned the dance choreography in an unprecedentedly serious manner decided to announce one by one in front of Higashiyama saying, “If you’re really bad, I’ll kick you.” In addition to Daikichi Hakata and Daigo, who are famous as “entertainers who do not want to dance,” Hanamaru Hakata and Nobu, whose abilities are unknown, are a must-see.

Regarding the “Masked Ball”, Daigo’s dance was advised by Higashiyama to “shake his hips as much as he could”, and Higashiyama laughed bitterly, “It was gloomy …”. What is the content that Daigo also doubts “Is it on the air?”

Next, in the “If you don’t hit the majority, you’ll sink in the swamp! Two-choice national referee” section, Higashiyama and Hashimoto will answer the majority of the two-choice questionnaire on women’s minds, along with Hanamaru and Chidori. In “Her birthday for the first time after dating. Is it a brand necklace or a bouquet that you are happy to receive as a gift?”, Higashiyama who chose “bouquet” has a dry opinion from a general woman !?

In addition, when asked about a date with a woman, two Johnny’s and four entertainers split their opinions in two, and Daigo laughed bitterly at Higashiyama’s bomb remark, saying, “Only Mr. Higashiyama can say …” To do.

Last week, the second episode of “It’s Kyun at that moment” was broadcast. Rika Adachi, Mayuko Kawakita, Shizuka Nakamura, Meru Nukumi, Kayo Noro, Akane Hotta, and Minami Minegishi presented an episode with a male co-star who was surprised.