Full-scale Gundam moves! NHK broadcasts the final startup test live with 12 cameras

A full-scale moving Gundam with a total height of 18m that will be unveiled on December 19th. The program “Live Broadcast! Gundam Move” will be broadcast live on NHK BS Premium from 16:30 on December 18th. In “Live Broadcast! Gundam Move”, 12 cameras will broadcast the powerful movement of the full-scale Gundam, which will be released at GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Introducing the mechanism by which the giant body, which is comparable to a 6-story building, moves like Gundam. The program features Takanori Nishikawa, who was in charge of the theme song for “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,” and Kanata Hongo, who recently became a Gunpla 40th Anniversary Build Ambassador with a hobby of making Gunpla. Tetsuo Sato of the comedy combination Punk Boo Boo, who has a track record of 2nd place in the Japanese qualifying at the Gunpla World Cup, will be the reporter who will introduce the parts and movements of Gundam most closely, and the program will be narrated by Amuro, the main character of “Mobile Suit Gundam”.・ Toru Furuya, known for his role as Ray, will play the role. Furthermore, it was revealed that director Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of Gundam, will appear. Also, from 22:00 on December 21st, a documentary program “Move Gundam-Engineers who challenged their dreams-” will be aired on NHK General TV, which follows the back side of full-scale Gundam production. In the program, the mechanism incorporated in the full-scale Gundam, such as the precision motor used for industrial robots, the newly developed speed reducer, and the crane technology that supports a huge body with a total height of 18 m with the same settings as the animation, and behind the scenes of the production are revealed. We will approach the passion and technology of engineers who were absorbed in Gundam as a boy, including the leader who quit the company and challenged this project. Bananaman’s Osamu Shitara served as the moderator of the program, and Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Jin Katagiri, and Shuji Hashimoto, an emeritus professor at Waseda University, were listed as guests. “Live broadcast! Gundam moves” NHK BS Premium: Friday, December 18, 2020 16: 30-18: 00 “Move Gundam-engineers who challenged their dreams-” NHK General: December 21, 2020 ( Mon) 22: 00-23: 00