Hokuyo is surprised at Kajisak’s annual income confession “From imagination …” “Lie !?”

Comedy combination Hokuyo appears in the video released on the 11th on the official YouTube channel “Hokuyo Channel” of the combination. I was surprised at the annual income of Yuta Kajiwara of King Kong, also known as “Kajisak” who appeared as a guest. Kajisak Hokuyo talked with Kajisak in a video released under the title “[Hokuyo x Kajisak]I heard your annual income!”. From the flow of asking Kajisak for YouTube advice, Saori Ito asked, “I have a dream. How much do you get your annual income? We want to have a dream too.” Kajisak then said, “I have a dream,” and confessed to Ito and Mihoko Abukawa about their annual income. Abukawa was surprised, “Eh! Seriously? (More than I imagined) …”, and Ito was also surprised, “Eh !? It’s a lie !?” In addition, Ito said, “I understand that it wasn’t something I enjoyed and gained. I’ve done a lot of work,” he said about Kajisak. Was there.