It’s hotter than a kotatsu! How to spend the winter learned from the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” (3rd term)

Kotatsu and mandarin oranges are the winter traditions. If you use an air conditioner or heater, you can warm the room even more, but you can’t let your hands and feet get cold. Even Tokyo, which should be relatively warm in Japan, is hit by the relentless cold. How do you survive the winter in the north? The work I would like to refer to is the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” (third period). TV anime “Golden Kamuy” (3rd period) * Click the image to see the details of the work TV animation “Golden Kamuy” is set in Hokkaido at the end of the Meiji era. It is a work in which strong men such as “Immortal Sugimoto” survive over gold nuggets. The wisdom given by the Ainu girl Ashiripa
and Kiroranke, who act together with Sugimoto, is all useful for surviving the harsh nature. In the third season of the TV anime currently being broadcast, the stage is moved further north, and the culture of Sakhalin Ainu and Russia is also depicted.(* “Ri” is a small writing) From the 28th episode “Immortal Sugimoto Harakiri Show” * Click the image to see the details of the work Full-scale winter is just around the corner. While watching the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” (3rd season), let’s learn more energetic measures against the cold than kotatsu. If you want to warm your whole body, it’s decided by “Banya”! In the 26th episode “Stenka”, the Russian way of warming up appears.Russian steam bath“Banya”It is. Banya * Click the image to see the details of the work Imagine a sauna built in a half-timbered hut. Banya has a fireplace called “Pécs”. There are grilled stones inside, and a large amount of steam is generated when water is sprinkled from above in a good economy. Then, the humidity and temperature in the room rise, and sweat gushes out from the whole body. Men who sweat from the whole body * Click the image to see the details of the work. Furthermore, if you hit the body with “Venique”, which is a bundle of birch leaves, blood circulation will be promoted and it will be warmer. The sensible temperature rises steadily due to the agitated heat in the room. Seen from the outside, it looks like a patience tournament, but it must be the best entertainment in a frigid region. After warming up in Banya, dive into a cold bath! In Russia, nearby rivers and lakes are used instead of water baths, so the water temperature is an order of magnitude colder. Naturally, my body gets cold, so I want to stay in Banya again. If you repeat this cycle, you should be able to experience the feeling of “arrangement” that is popular among sauna lovers. Experience the “preparation” unique to a sauna? * Click the image to go to the details of the work Banya is said to be the “hottest sauna in the world”, and the heat transmitted from the screen of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” is considerable. For some reason, I want you to see the scene where the strong men enjoy Banya from the camera’s point of view and how they are hitting Venik. The 26th episode, which has a too strong impact, is a hot topic on the Internet. * Click the image to see the details of the work. Let’s warm up from the stomach with cooking! The hot dishes you eat in winter are exceptional. You can warm yourself with all your five senses. The TV anime “Golden Kamuy” is also focusing on the meal scene, and various Ainu dishes such as “Chitatap“, which hits freshly hunted prey with a knife to make minced meat, have appeared. In the third period, there are more variations,
Russian food, Sakhalin Ainu, and Orok people’s diet

Is also drawn.(* “Pu” is a small note) For example, Russian cuisine such as Sushki and Pelmeni that appeared in episode 31 “Mekooyashi”. When you think of Russia, you might think of borsch, a stewed dish with bright red beets, but that’s not the only menu.

SushkiIs a baked confectionery shaped like a bagel. Made from flour, eggs, sugar, etc., it makes a crisp sound when eaten. Ensign Koito was gracefully grabbing while waiting at the lighthouse for Sugimoto and his friends who were in distress during the snowstorm. Ensign Koito is also endorsed when it goes well with tea. * Click the image to go to the details of the work. Tea is an indispensable drink for Sushki. Even at the lighthouse, a string was passed through the hole in Sushki and attached to a metal water heater called a samovar. Occasionally, it’s a good idea to enjoy a relaxing time with Russian tea time.

Is a Russian style dumpling. Wrap meat and vegetables in flour rind, put in soup and simmer. It goes well with sour cream. For hungry Sugimoto and others, it’s just a feast. He warmed his cold body with borscht and seemed satisfied with “Fukusuna!” (“Delicious” in Russian). Pelmeni (image) Winter time when home time increases. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus this year, it is likely that we will spend more time at home than usual. Why don’t you make elaborate hot dishes once in a while and warm yourself from your stomach? Full of rice terrorist elements !?

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Various food cultures depicted in the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” It is difficult to make at home, but the dishes of the Sakhalin Ainu and the Orok people that appear in the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” (third period) also look quite delicious. The Ainu, who live in Sakhalin, called bilberries “Frep” and used them on a daily basis. In the 25th episode “Sakhalin”, the crimson color of the frep wine and the salted frep that I ate asiripa
appeared. According to Sugimoto, salting is “salty, sour and sweet.” (* “Ri” is a small note) In episode 29, “Border”, the Orok people who lived along the border of Sakhalin served reindeer dishes. The Orok people, who migrate while raising reindeer, hunt meat reindeer in the mountains and receive milk from their reindeer. By the way, the meat of mountain reindeer has a higher evaluation of taste than domestic reindeer, and it seems that the brain is light and easy to eat. Asiripa

also had a full mouth and an expression that was not like a heroine.
(* “Ri” is a small note) * Click the image to see the details of the work. During the work, butter “Ali” made from the milk of domestic reindeer appears. I ate it on bread made from wheat flour called Ripaceka. Repacica is a flat bread that is delicious when you stab it with a few combs and bake it in the hearth. If you taste it with reindeer milk, your body will warm up from the core. One of the attractions of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” (third period) is that you can enjoy a different food culture from Japan. In the TV anime “Golden Kamuy”, the eating habits are carefully depicted, and the hunting scene is also focused on. It is said that they are seriously facing “getting a life”. At first, it’s okay to just have a meal, so please check it out. Put all the gag and seriousness on it! Let’s fill your heart with the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” The video distribution site “FOD” operated by Fuji TV exclusively distributes the successive series of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” and the latest third period. TV anime “Golden Kamuy” * Click the image to go to the series details TV anime “Golden Kamuy” (second period) * Click the image to go to the series details Free release at! Furthermore, if you subscribe to “FOD Premium” starting from 888 yen (tax excluded) per month, you can watch all episodes at any time. Even if you want to read the original manga, you can get 20% points back if you purchase using “FOD Premium”. By the way, the author’s recommendation is the 15th volume, which contains the Banya episode, and the 16th volume, in which Sugimoto and his colleagues join the circus troupe. You can enjoy the wide range of “Golden Kamuy” that comes from gag to seriousness all at once. If you are a member of “FOD Premium”, you can get 20% points back for the latest issue. * Click the image to go to the manga details page. It can be said that it is one of the heating appliances because the mind and body are warmed while crazy about it. Why don’t you come in contact with us this winter?
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