Kazunari Ninomiya’s first variety show “Ninomiya Nya” broadcasted during the stormy season

It has been decided that the Fuji TV variety special program “Ninomiya Niya” starring the idol group Arashi Kazunari Ninomiya will be broadcast on January 3 (16: 15-18: 00). “Ninomiya Niya” = Provided by Fuji TV This program, which is organized during the time when “ARASHI TSUBO” was broadcast, is the first variety show for Ninomiya in 2021. A guest visits the nostalgic Japanese house “Ninomiya Nya” and continues from “ARASHI TSUBO” to announce “No one has ranked yet”, and Ninomiya and the guest will hold various talks and games. “In a warm atmosphere, Ninomiya and the guests interact with each other like New Year’s, but at the” Ninomiya Niya “, the laughter becomes more and more unexpected as if rolling … That is exactly the variety version. “Terauchi Kantaro Family” !? The laughter unique to Kazunari Ninomiya and the face that the viewer must say “I’ve never seen such a Nino!” Are tightly packed under one roof. It will be a variety. ” Yuki Matsumoto, Chief Producer, said, “It’s a program in which Mr. Ninomiya is in full operation so that Mr. Ninomiya’s name is attached to the program. And he was not passive but divided all the corners. It is very suitable for the New Year. I hope you enjoy it with the new side of Mr. Ninomiya. ” Immediately after “Ninomiya Niya”, the first 3-hour special of “VS Tamashii” with Masaki Aiba acting as MC will be broadcast. (C) Fuji TV