Pekopa Shupei to play the role of father of two children! “THE Breakthrough File”

“THE Breakthrough File” (NTV, every Thursday from 19:00) will be broadcast on December 17th under the title of “Airport Customs & Breakthrough Alternate SP”, and will be distributed in real time for free on the official commercial TV portal “TVer”. .. On this day, Pekopa Shupei and Yuno Ohara, a young female actor, will play siblings of different ages in a “breakthrough drama”.

The program, in which Ucchan Nanchan and Teruyoshi Uchimura act as MCs, covers the surprising breakthroughs that actually occurred in all genres and broadcasts them in reenactment dramas and quizzes. A new sensation drama and variety that allows you to relive the exhilaration of escaping a cornered pinch through a drama that reproduces the details that are thoroughly focused on. On this day, Sandwichman as a regular answerer, Hiroki Akiyama / Dai Okabe (Hanako), EXIT (Rintaro., Daiki Kanechika), Orin (Ringo Musume), Minami Hamabe, Kyoko Saito as guest answerers. Ayaka Takamoto (Hinatazaka46) will appear. In the reenactment drama “Breakthrough Airport Customs-Smuggling a Large Smuggling Plan-“, Shinji Saito (Jungle Pocket), Kaho Takada, “Breakthrough Police Box-The Tragedy in Front of the Station-Suppress the Crazy Man Who Takes Humanity” EXIT, Okabe, and Sayaka Isoyama will appear in “Seyo”.

Shupei and Ohara will appear in the reenactment drama “Home Breakthrough”. The stage is an ordinary house in a residential area. Shupei and his two children are cleaning up, and Shupei’s younger sister, Yuno (Ohara), comes to help. While I was tired of the housework nerd Shuhei’s prank and cleaning up while being impressed, a shocking sound that surprised me outside hurriedly saw the child on the wall of the house. The car was crashing.

Although the driver was safe, he was upset and just fluttered. At that time, Shuhei senses further danger. The impact of the collision of the car caused a crack in the gas pipe, causing the gas to leak. If nothing is done, it will be a big explosion involving the neighborhood. However, Shuhei suddenly came up with a way to avoid this crisis by using “something” to close the cracks. What is the method?

The hint is cleaning. If you make a small detail on something that you can find in any household, it will quickly turn into an unexpected “item” that some people may have used at school as a child. The epoch-making breakthrough method is indispensable. In the play, Shupei also showed off a cleaning technique and storage method full of ideas using laundry hangers and socks. There is no doubt that it will be useful for cleaning up at the end of the year. Also, one of the highlights is the cute brothers and sisters of Ohara and Shupei.

Last time, the masterpiece breakthrough drama of the Self-Defense Forces appeared again. In order to rescue the victims’ parents and children who were isolated by the large eruption, when it may erupt again, what is the last-minute decision to save the rescuer by surviving the intense smoke and mountain breeze?