“Alligator dying in 100 days” author, when is the media development behind the flames?

On the 18th, TBS will broadcast “Pittanko Kan Kan & Masahiro Nakai’s Kim Suma Combined 2 Hours SP” (20: 00-22: 00). In “Kin Suma”, guests of various genres who won the 1st place this year appeared under the title of “People who became the 1st place this year SP”, and the inside story that became the 1st place and the subsequent reaction and change etc. talk. From the left in the front row, Harue Okada, Ryogo Matsumaru, Yuuki Kikuchi, from the left in the back row, Yuuki Fujii, Ryosuke Kanaoka The author of the manga “Wani that dies in 100 days”, which became the number one on Twitter, is on fire this time. Appeared on the first national TV program since the turmoil. Did you make the work by yourself? When was the media development decided? The back side of the turmoil was confessed for the first time in the studio. In addition, Ryogo Matsumaru, a popular mystery-solving creator, was ranked first for a surprising reason that was not a mystery-solving …! In commemoration of the first place, he talked about love naked without NG. “People who can talk happily are the type” He talks about his outlook on love, which he rarely talks about. Furthermore, the studio was surprised at the shocking gift sent to her at that time. At such a studio, Matsumaru and Miyu Ikeda talk. Matsumaru, a student of the University of Tokyo, and Michopa, a gal, are two people who are the exact opposite, but unexpectedly they look good … I think that Matsumaru VS Michopa breaks out. In addition, Harue Okada, who had never seen a day in the first half of this year, first appeared in the talk variety. An unexpected real face that can not be understood in the news program is revealed. In addition, Yudai Fujii, who became the number one in the world in a certain genre, and Ryosuke Kanaoka, who took the number one in a genre that can not be imagined from the appearance of muscular bones, will gather a large number of people who are talking about this year. (C) TBS