Hinatazaka46 Nao Kosaka, Hiyori Hamagishi, Miku Kanemura, and three good friends are full of high school girls

The idol group Hinatazaka46 appeared in the gravure of the January issue of the manga magazine “Weekly Young Magazine” (Kodansha) released on the 18th. From the left, Nao Kosaka and Miku Kanemura appear on the cover and top gravure of the same issue that Nao Kosaka and Miku Kanemura will be jacking from the left. We had a Christmas party with a trio of good friends. Members who show cuteness that can be played with a lot of Christmas feeling with a mini above the knee in a Santa hat. Since this is the first time for a gravure with three people, it is full of innocent cuts with an overflowing feeling of a high school girl, holding hands.