Online year-end party this year !? Will the rich attend? turn down?

It’s the annual year-end party season since December. Some people are looking forward to this event, which is repeated every year, while others are in pain. And nowadays, online year-end parties seem to be increasing. Here, I would like to consider the investment value of this online year-end party.

◆ What is a year-end party with investment value?
A year-end party as an investment can be judged by whether it will have a developmental impact on your future. For example, if a business partner calls you, it means that you like the business partner, so it’s a waste to decline. Also, if you are in a position to host it, you can invite people you want to get along with and make it a place for interaction.

Alternatively, there is a merit if you partition yourself as a secretary. For example, training in setup skills and leadership. Or, if you can show that ability to the top management of the company, this is a great opportunity.

◆ Does the online year-end party make sense?
However, in recent years of Corona’s disaster, it seems that many people have been notified by the company that year-end parties between employees are prohibited, and there is an increasing movement to switch to online year-end parties.

I have had some drinking parties at Zoom, but personally I am negative about online year-end parties (not just online drinking parties in general). After all, drinking and eating makes sense to meet in person and share the air, and you cannot get an empathic experience such as comfort and solidarity online.

We don’t go around drinking while aiming for something like “Thank you for your hard work this year!”, And we don’t peck at the same pot together. Since the screen is in front of you, it’s not that you can deepen the bond, feel that you are the other person, or feel the sense of accomplishment and liberation that ends this year, but it is somewhat inorganic.

There is a slight sense of tension and distance through the screen, and it is difficult to drink and talk as loosely as in the real world. Does such a drinking party really make sense?

What is the significance of the year-end party in the first place? For example, the purpose of the year-end party within the company is to provide comfort to employees, and the year-end party with business partners is entertaining, saying “Thank you for this year. Thank you for coming next year.” It has meaning.

So can you serve that purpose online? Given that, isn’t it quite a question? Besides, the more people there are online, the more difficult it is to talk to each other, and once everyone starts talking, it’s already a mess. On the other hand, if the boss is the only one, his subordinates will not be happy.

It’s hard to chat in small groups (although there are tools that can do that). Therefore, if the boss partitions, the timing of the end depends on the boss, and there is a risk that it will not end endlessly.

In addition, for online drinking parties (although the company sometimes costs money), I think most of them will prepare alcohol and snacks on their own. In this case, it would be better to have a few good friends and eat rice.

◆ How to escape called a year-end party
The problem is when you are actually invited to an online year-end party. If it is a real year-end party, you can make excuses such as “picking up the nursery school”, “wife (husband) is late to come home, and the child is ready for dinner”, “parental care”, etc. ..

But online, it’s hard to make such an excuse. Common tools and line malfunctions can’t be said if you have regular online meetings. “At night, my child is supposed to review online lessons on a computer and study with a learning app, so I decided not to use it.” “My wife (husband) suddenly entered an online meeting at night. What if I say “…”?

“Then you should use your own smartphone,” he said. This is hard to refuse! I can only say that I’m feeling sick, I usually have many online meetings, and I want to reduce my time due to eyestrain.

So I thought about it. If you can’t refuse, it’s an “online job year-end party”. I use my smartphone for the year-end party, mute the microphone after the first toast, and use my computer for internal work to watch videos and surf the internet.

If you have a small number of people, it may be crazy, but if you have a large number of people, it seems that you can manage to cheat. Another technique is to use your own image as an avatar (with a nodding action as appropriate) and replace it.

If you say “I don’t like the online year-end party” or “I can’t refuse”, why not try to figure out how to “pretend to be a participant and do other things”.

Sentence = Tokio Todo (Money Guide)