LiSA “10 months concept” “3 stages” online live inside story

LiSA appears on a regular program on TOKYO FM. Regarding the online live “ONLiNE LEO-NiNE” held on December 12, we introduced the message received from the listener and talked about his impressions.
(TOKYO FM “SCHOOL OF LOCK! LiSA LOCKS!” Broadcast on December 18th (Friday))

LiSA: “ONLiNE LEO-NiNE” has finished successfully! Thank you to everyone who saw it !! I’m sure everyone who saw it understood what I was saying. I’m sure you’ve got the meaning of saying, “We’ll deliver a live that is live but not live, and can only be done online!”

This “ONLiNE LEO-NiNE”, in fact … Since the arena tour that was supposed to be done this year became “Maybe it’s impossible”, everyone has been thinking about it for a long time. That’s why the concept was about 10 months (laughs). I’ve been thinking about it for about a year … If you just live normally, you won’t be able to enjoy the live live that we are thinking of … I think it’s probably not enough just to deliver it on the online live. The way to enjoy it because it’s online is … how to make a stage.

Actually, there are three stages, and I’m moving from the first stage, but are you all aware of it? The last stage with the red wall and the stage with rubble behind it are the same as the first stage. We have delivered live performances unique to online live performances with various tastes such as trusses rising and walls rising!

–Introducing the impressions received from listeners

[“ONLiNE LEO-NiNE” was the best! All the songs were good, but what I thought was the best was the costume change when moving from “Aijo” to “Wagamama Cait Si”! Anyway, it’s erotic and cool, and it’s the most memorable! This was my first live in my life. The online live was also good, but I wanted to participate in the actual live through this live! I will definitely participate in live performances and dates someday! (18-year-old man)]

LiSA: Thank you! However, the scene that left the most impression on me when I first saw the live performance was not the song but the costume change (laughs). But including that, I made it as a scene that can only be seen online live, so I’m very happy to remember it. “Especially” Wagamama Cait Si “from” Aijo “, take off your clothes, take off your shoes, drop your clothes, and put on new clothes for the angels. I made a scene to get them, but when “Wagamama Cait Si” started and the camera pulled, the clothes I took off were reflected in the back (laughs). I hope you can feel the eroticism, including that (laughs). I’ll be waiting for you on the actual date!

I saw an online live show! I saw LiSA singing insanely happily and sang the song from the middle (laughs). It was such a fun live! I listened to a lot of my favorite songs, I was able to participate in LiSA’s live for the first time, and I got the best Christmas present from LiSA! Thank you! (18-year-old man)]

LiSA: Thank you! This time, I was allowed to sing a lot from the album of “LEO-NiNE” because it was “ONLINE LEO-NiNE”, but in addition to that, the song “Elect Lyrical” and “Catch The Moment” “Rising Hope” unique to online We have also incorporated songs that everyone has always liked. I’m glad you enjoyed various songs!

Thank you everyone for writing your thoughts!

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