Yuna Taira & Kanta Sato “Himitsu no Ai-chan” co-starred in the drama “New Challenge”

Actress Yuna Taira and Kanta Sato of the theater company EXILE will co-star in Fuji TV’s video distribution service FOD drama “Himitsu no Ai-chan” (delivered on February 20th, every Saturday at 0:00) It was revealed on the 19th. Yuna Taira (left) and Kanta Sato This drama is a live-action version of Kaori’s original comic. Taira plays Aiko Kasumi, a high school girl who grows up surrounded by her three older brothers and hates to lose. A star player in the basketball club who looks good on shortcuts, he challenged the super handsome Reio Amano (Sato) with the ace of the men’s basketball club, which he usually sees as a rival, but he just lost and was disappointed. Such Aiko suddenly ends up working part-time at a maid cafe run by her brother Riki, and transforms into a girlish maid with a long-haired wig. When the maiden’s heart ignites, Reio suddenly comes as a guest. Aiko, who was upset, suddenly called herself “Mai” and served her, but Reio fell in love with “Mai” at first sight and confessed. It is a youth love story that depicts Ai-chan, who awakens to a woman, trying her best to clumsy her first love. In addition, Shiori Yoshida plays the role of Aiko’s best friend Hiroko Kitauchi, Nana Owada plays the role of twin sister Iku Morikawa who is trying to tear the relationship between Aiko and Reo, and the role of younger brother Takumi Morikawa comes from Beppu. Rintaro Mizusawa will play the role of Kenji Kubo, a basketball companion from junior high school, and MASATO (THE BEAT GARDEN) will play the role of Riki Kasumi, the brother of Aiko and the manager of Maid Cafe Spica. Taira said, “A boyish girl who is a manly man is a new challenge for me, and since it was my first time to take a short shortcut so far, I was worried about whether there was something wrong with it, but I used words that I do not usually use and challenged basketball. It was a very valuable time for me because I was able to do it and experienced a lot of new attempts with this work. The cast was very close and the atmosphere of the site was friendly, so it looks like that. I think that is on the screen. I hope you can watch Aiko’s GAP and how she grows up like a girl while falling in love with Reio for the first time. I hope you can look forward to the delivery! Commented. Sato said, “I was embarrassed and deeply moved to play the characters in the manga I borrowed from my classmates when I was in junior high school. I thought that there might be something that I could play because I am 24 years old, so I went to shoot. I also met friends who I would like to cherish in this work. Please take a look. ” Kazuyuki Shimizu, a planner and producer, said, “The main character is a high school girl who hates to lose and is a manly man.” High school life, “” club activities, “” friendship, “” romance, “and” transformation desire “… all of romance manga and romance dramas. It’s a youth love story of high school students who are in love with each other! Everyone, please “Kyun Kyun” with this “Himitsu no Ai-chan”! ” (C) Hanaori / Shogakukan Fuji Television