Ariyoshi, the reason for quitting the “naming of” nickname “” that triggered the re-break

Hiroiki Ariyoshi’s personality is a live radio program “SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER by Hiroiki Ariyoshi”. The broadcast on Sunday, December 13th was sent with Kazuhiro Yasuda of Dangerous as an assistant.

(From left) Hiroiki Ariyoshi, Kazuhiro Yasuda

Ariyoshi is busy recording special programs in December, but he said, “Most of the special programs (at the end of the year) are made according to the end of the year, but it seems like it was decided quite suddenly. In the program of, there are some corners that are “quite messy” even if there is a general outline (laughs)? The live broadcast of the New Year holidays, “Let’s do it with momentum!” “” I have no choice but to try it! Cut out “like”.

Just the other day, he had the opportunity to co-star with the comedy duo Onikoshi Tomahawk for the first time. Speaking of Onikoshi Tomahawk, a combination of skinhead Ryota Sakai and Kin-chan in a rugged suit, which is characterized by a strong look. When the two of them tried to quarrel and start fighting for some reason, Mr. Sakai spit out the exquisite poisonous tongue of Shioume to the person who entered the arbitration, saying “Urusei!”, And Kim was the arbitrator. It is known to have a style that makes you laugh with a more targeted tsukkomi by pretending to follow things.

Ariyoshi said he was looking forward to getting involved with them. When the recording started, Ariyoshi suddenly started fighting the 18th fight, despite the fact that he was far away due to social distance to prevent infection, and Ariyoshi began to talk about the situation at that time.

“Hiromi-san is the partition (of the show) and says,’Ariyoshi! Stop, stop!’. I thought,” Eh !? “(bitter smile).” What is this … It’s not like Hiromi is bad, and it’s not that Onikoshi is bad. The staff who made the corner completely doesn’t understand that (fighting) system.

I just want Onikoshi to say my bad words. That’s why I’m dissatisfied … If you’re going to co-star with Onikoshi, don’t you have a lot of thoughts about “I want to do something like that or something like that”, including stopping fights? I don’t think “I don’t want to be swearing”. I thought, “Oh, that’s boring.” I got caught up in it though it was messy … “

The dissatisfaction that the entanglement in the fighting art was broken did not stop, and Ariyoshi said, “Because Onikoshi is also such a (strong) character, there is courage (even if the program side asks for fighting art). ) I wanted you to say, “No, this system doesn’t work.” “This … isn’t it too messy?” (Laughs). That’s what the messy staff do. It’s just being consumed, “he said with anger.

In the past, it was said that the name “nickname” that he didn’t wear on his teeth was so crazy that he had a break again. “I also met once at the local station when I was giving the nickname. An announcer told me “Please give me a nickname!” (Bitter smile). Even though I didn’t know anything about that person, I was consuming so much, so I said, “Oh, stop it.” I suddenly stopped (naming my nickname). “

Overlapping his own experience, “So I wanted Ariyoshi to say,’I can’t do it a little’ when it was a mess. I was really shocked. (Laughs). It wasn’t what Onikoshi was saying, but the system at that time. I thought “(Onikoshi) is sorry … terrible” and made an unpleasant face, but Onikoshi said “Mr. Ariyoshi, The reaction is bad … “, I think,” I wanted to stop fighting more properly … “, a bittersweet story (bitter smile),” he said with regret.

Program name: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi’s SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER
Broadcast date and time: Every Sunday from 20:00 to 21:55
Broadcast area: JFN 19 stations nationwide except TOKYO FM
Personality: Hiroiki Ariyoshi
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