Machine Guns Nishibori, “#Rimo Love” appearance without love pattern “I envy!”

Ryo Nishibori of the comedy combination Machine Guns who appears in the Japanese TV drama “#Rimo Love ~ Ordinary Love is Evil Road ~” (every Wednesday from 22:00) will be a guest on the talk show “Intro” broadcast on the 20th. appeared in. Machine Guns Ryo Nishibori = Provided by NTV Nishibori will play “#Rimo Love” by Hirokichi Otomaki, the owner of the “Izakaya Oto” that everyone attends. The role of watching over each love. When the announcer Machiko Sato of the MC said, “I’m really a kind father who watches over Nishibori’s daughter, I’m addicted to it,” he said “Thank you! I’m glad” and said “I envy the members”. I think! (Laughs) “. Also, in the world of “wearing a mask” and “social distance”, this work depicts a love affair that started from SNS, but Nishibori said, “It’s a real drama. After all, wearing a mask. Now It’s a drama that perfectly reflects what you’re careful about in your daily life. Masks, social distances, and taverns also have acrylic boards. It’s normal in the general public. Not much in other dramas. There is no such thing. ” “At first, when I saw it as a drama, I had a feeling of strangeness. On the other hand, when people are gathering now, I think it’s” dense! “, And I think it’s a drama that is very close to that feeling. I made an impression. Mimi (Haru) and Aobayashi (Kohei Matsushita) who passed each other in the last episode of the 9th episode of the previous broadcast. Bibi and Aobayashi want to understand each other, but the more they think about it, the harder it is to understand each other, and everything shifts. While doing so, Christmas came … Until Christmas, the two follow the rule that they can talk on SNS up to 3 times when it is difficult to say, return to “Kusa Mochi” and “Lemon” and talk about their feelings for each other on SNS. start. Regarding the highlight of the final episode (broadcast on the 23rd), Nishibori said, “I hope you will watch over each romance to the end. Personally, will the final episode have a proper turn? (Laughs) Will I come out? I hope you will pay attention to it! ”