“Seki Jam” Kyohei Tsutsumi special feature is Galaxy Award Monthly Award “Deep digging unique to this program”

The TV Asahi music variety show “Kanjani Eight Show” (every Sunday from 23:00 onwards * excluding some areas), in which the idol group Kanjani Eight appears, won the Galaxy Award for the November Monthly Award in the TV category. “Seki Jam Complete Burn Show” was awarded by “The testimony of a first-class producer !! The amazingness of Kyohei Tsutsumi seen up close” broadcast on November 15th. In the award, “Music producers who have worked together or were greatly influenced will reveal the musical charm of Kyohei Tsutsumi who died. Specific points of Tsutsumi’s composition and arrangement from actual songs It was very interesting to clarify while showing, and I was drawn in. It was a time that made the best use of the goodness of deep digging unique to this program. ” The Galaxy Awards are established by the Broadcast Criticism Council in 1963 to recognize outstanding programs, individuals, and groups. In addition to November, “Matsumo to Nakai ~ Matching Night ~” (broadcast on November 21st, Fuji TV), “” Imagine “is alive Message from John and Yoko” (broadcast on November 21st) , NHK), “Terementari 2020” Nursing Collapse-Unsaved Cluster- “(broadcast on November 8, Hokkaido Television) has won the award.