Director Izuru Narushima, the movie “The Stop of Life” is “I want to make it a movie because of this era.”

Film directors Takashi Shimizu, Ide Narishima, Kazuya Shiraishi, and Tetsu Maeda attended the “2021 Toei Lineup Presentation” held in Tokyo on the 22nd. From the left, Director Takashi Shimizu, Director Kazuya Shiraishi, President Osamu Tezuka of Toei, Director Izuru Narushima, Director Satoshi Maeda Toei, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2021, will hold a lineup presentation to be released next year. Eighteen new works will be released next year, and at the recital on this day, director Takashi Shimizu of “Jukaimura” released on February 5, 2021 and “Stop of Life” released on May 21, 2021 Director Izuru Narushima, director Kazuya Shiraishi of “The Blood of Wolves II (Tentative)” whose release date is undecided, and “I don’t have the funds for old age! 』Director Tetsu Maeda took the stage and talked about the highlights of the work. The movie “Life Stop” in which Sayuri Yoshinaga, who starred, challenged the role of a doctor for the first time. Yoshinaga, who appeared in the video letter on that day, said, “I have played various roles in the movie world, but this time I played the role of a doctor for the first time when my wish came true. Helping all the wonderful co-stars I played a new home doctor while thinking about everyone who is having a hard time in the medical field. I would be very happy if you could see it and talk about life and life. ” And comment. Director Narushima, who said that he and Yoshinaga had been working on the next film since the filming of the movie “Cape Nostalgia” released in 2014, said, “There are two people who want to be a doctor, and finally discover this original. “It was the start when I was able to do it,” he said, “I shot it with the cooperation of many teachers in the field of home medical care. Although it is a movie with many elderly people, with Tori Matsuzaka. I think Suzu Hirose was able to produce a very humorous production with a bright hope for the future. I don’t know what will happen to Corona in May, but I would like to make it a movie because of this era. ” I put a lot of effort into the final stage. “The Blood of Wolves”, which was released in 2018 and attracted a great deal of attention such as receiving the most 12 categories of excellence awards at the 42nd Japan Academy Prize. The sequel, “Korō no Chi II (tentative),” will be released next year, although the release date is undecided. Director Shiraishi, who took the megaphone following the previous work, said, “There was a question about what kind of story should be made without Ogami (Koji Yakusho), but Hiroshima based on detective Hioka (Matsuzaka Tori). “It’s a story that simply depicts the new conflict in Hiroshima,” he introduced the work. “I was planning to shoot another work after Golden Week, but I didn’t have much rest next year because it grew. When I cranked in The warrior trembled since his debut, and it made me feel like I didn’t care if I could shoot this. The cast who participated had almost the same feelings, “said the staff cast as a whole. That is. “What kind of movies do you want to see when Corona is over? I think we movie makers have a common idea. One is that genre movies have potential, and as entertainment. Anyway, I thought that an interesting movie would be a hit, so I made it while shaving my soul, “he said with confidence in the work. The directors revealed that all staff and cast members are conducting PCR tests and antibody tests every day at the shooting site. During the filming of the movie “The Stop of Life,” PCR tests revealed that Suzu Hirose was infected with the new coronavirus. Director Narishima said, “Suzu-chan became positive, but it did not form a cluster because it could be tested in advance. If it is not tested, there is a risk of clustering, and there are many casts over 70 years old. I was scared because of that, but I think it was because of the PCR test that Suzu-chan stopped alone, “he said, realizing the importance of the test. He continued, “I think that both the creator and the viewer have to follow the rules properly. I think that the national character of Japan has more to do according to the rules than overseas, so I hope that the movie will continue to exist. I believe we can do it. ”