Enako reveals her favorite character in “Kimetsu” “By far …” Next time Comiket is also a candidate for Sadako

On the 23rd, cosplayer Enako attended a press conference to commemorate the publication of her book “GIRLS graph.” (Released on December 24 / Takarajimasha) in Santa Clause. He talked about the blockbuster work “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. Enako The latest shot of Enako’s gravure is recorded in a large volume of 24 pages, and the front cover, back cover, and beginning of the book are jacked by 6 members of PP Enterprise to which Enako belongs. In addition, more than 70 beautiful women who are talked about on SNS will appear and color the magazine. Enako commented on the book, “I was worried that I could have 24 pages in a solo cut, and I would have 24 pages on my own, but I enjoyed seeing a lot of really good photos.” When asked about the score, he answered with a smile, “Of course, it’s 100 points because there are so many different me posted.” When asked about the excitement of “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” he said, “I also saw all the anime on the distribution site when the anime was over, but it was so funny that it was a manga like watching the anime. I also read it, but it was really interesting, and when I did “home cosplay” at home around April, I cosplayed Mameko Sada, and it was a really interesting work that I cosplayed with momentum. ” My favorite character is “By far, Inosuke”, “I thought it was a dangerous character at first, but while spending time with Sumijiro, I was able to have kindness and compassion, and it was reliable from the second half. It’s also a friendship, and it’s cute, so I think the female readers would have brought their hearts to Inosuke, “he said. Then, when asked what kind of cosplay he would like to do when “Comic Market” is held next year, he said, “I decide to cosplay about two months before Comiket. If it is held in May next year, I’m addicted to it around March. “It’s a little difficult because I think I’ll choose from among them,” he said. “But if this is the case, I’d like to do” Kimetsu “. Since Sadako was doing” home costumes “at home, I’m still shooting in public. I think I should take a picture because it has not been done, “said Sadako as one of the candidates. Kokoro Shinozaki, Saki Yoshida, Tsunko, and Saki Miyamoto also attended the photo session.