A sketch, talking about “M-1” “Don’t rub” “If you say the other way around …”

Shintaro Moriyama and Lily of comedy combination / sketch appeared on the official YouTube channel “Story Map Discovery Channel” on the 23rd and talked about “M-1 Grand Prix 2020”. Shintaro Moriyama (left) and Lily sketch advanced to the final battle in the same tournament and won two judges’ votes. In the video released under the title of “[Walking around the sketch]The feelings after the M-1 Grand Prix … <97/100>“, Lily said about the final of “M-1”, “I can really say one thing to Honma. The whole group was interesting. No one can deny it. ” And Moriyama said, “After the final battle of the three groups, during the commercial until the result came out, the three groups (Magical Lovely, Oideyasu Oda, sketch) formed a circle and praised each other.” I remembered it. And Lily praised the winning Magical Lovely as “It’s funny, Magical Love”. In addition, Moriyama said, “When I see the Twitter rip, there are people who are rubbing” The only manzai was a sketch. “Please don’t rub it, everyone.” There wasn’t even one group. All groups are comics. ” Lily said, “In other words, it’s amazing to look for something different.” Moriyama said, “Yes. I just do something interesting in front of the microphone. That’s the rule of” M-1 “. What kind of combination? In any order, the winner is Mr. Majirab, the final decisive battle is unwavering. All the entertainers are unanimously convinced. ”