From now on, it will be an era of “doing what you like as a job and earning freely” !?

◆ What kind of work styles will increase in the future?
It has been a long time since work style reforms have been called for, but at present, discussions mainly focus on short working hours and remote work, and there is not much talk from the perspective of “how to work happily and personally.”

For example, in the United States, about 10% of the total working population is self-employed, but it is said that the work style that will increase the most in the future is the “micro entrepreneur.”

Micro entrepreneurs are small business entrepreneurs who can freely earn money by doing what they like, not entrepreneurs who make the organization big and have a big impact on society.

This form is a work style in which “play”, “learn”, “work”, and “freedom” coexist at the same time. Working when you want to work, learning to master play, creating value, being grateful to others and making money gives you the feeling that you are living your life.

On the other hand, office workers do not always get the job they want. You need to be assigned to an unwilling department or work well with a boss who doesn’t fit.

Of course, there are people who develop their talents by relocating or selecting them, so it’s not all bad, but even if you do a job that feels boring, you won’t be able to add value.

◆ The harmful effects of being a “dexterous office worker”
Working as an office worker also involves the problem of working while suppressing one’s true desires and being convinced by it.

This is because if you are a person with a higher education such as a university, you will be able to do most of the work to a certain level once you get used to it, and you have the ability to flexibly adapt to the work environment. Being dexterous in a sense, you can adapt even if you think it is not suitable for you.

Speaking of which, when the shortage of childcare workers became a social problem, there was a comment on the Internet saying, “The reason why the salary of childcare workers is low is because it is a job that anyone can do.”

However, in reality, most jobs, not just nursery teachers, can be done by anyone who gets used to it. The only difference is the time it takes to master the job and the quality of the output.

Most jobs, such as finance jobs, trade jobs, logistics jobs, legal and tax jobs, etc., can be done by anyone who is not a terrible person after a few years of experience.

You can see that by looking back on your work. I couldn’t do anything when I joined the company as a new graduate, but now I can do it as a routine. Even if the time and quality it takes are different, you, your synchronization, your seniors, and your juniors will actually be able to do it.

However, strictly speaking, not everyone can do it, and “appropriateness” is required. In fact, the job of a childcare worker is difficult, and I feel that I cannot do it without physical strength and patience, kindness and hospitality for children. By the way, the low salary of nursery teachers is not because anyone can do it, but because it is a business model that relies on subsidies.

The amount of subsidy distributed to each child is fixed, and the number of nursery teachers required for each child is also fixed according to the age of the child. It is known that the operating expenses of the garden can be reduced, and it is not possible to make products for self-financed medical care such as dentistry and dermatology.

That’s why you can only pay within the subsidy. This is the same reason for long-term care-related work, which is also noisy in the news. In other words, it is not a problem with the person, work content, or operating company, but a structural problem with institutional design in the first place.

◆ Think about “working style” that allows you to live your own way
It’s a little off topic, but the problem with a dexterous office worker is that he feels that this job may not be suitable for him, but because he gets used to it and can handle it without difficulty, “this job is not bad either.” The point is that you may deceive yourself and reach retirement age, saying, “Maybe it’s suitable for you” and “I’m grateful that I have a job.”

Of course, there may be such a life, but if you look at the world from a broad perspective, there are more free and enjoyable ways of working and living, but it is a waste to close your eyes.

And returning to the “work style reform” at the beginning, changing the work style within the framework of office workers is more improvement than reform. When it comes to reform, why not think of a “working style” that fundamentally realizes your ideal way of life, rather than being forced to reform by the government or company?

Sentence = Tokio Todo (Money Guide)