IMPACTors Taiga Tsubaki, Takuya Kageyama, Okawa Suzuki, Corona Infection Revealed by regular PCR tests

It was revealed on the 24th that Johnny’s Jr.’s group IMPACTors Taiga Tsubaki, Takuya Kageyama, and Okawa Suzuki were infected with the new coronavirus. Johnny & Associates announced on the official website. On the Johnny’s office site, “We have confirmed that our affiliated Johnny’s Jr. Taiga Tsubaki, Takuya Kageyama, and Okawa Suzuki (IMPACTors) are infected with the new coronavirus, so we would like to report.” “As a result of the PCR test that we regularly test, it was confirmed that the camellia was infected with the new coronavirus on December 16. After receiving the test result of the camellia, IMPACTors members performed the PCR test. When the test was conducted, it was confirmed that members Kageyama and Suzuki were also positive on December 17, “he said.” Tsubaki had some symptoms of stuffy nose, and only when both Kageyama and Suzuki were infected. I have no symptoms, and I am currently undergoing medical treatment and follow-up with the guidance of the health center. ” Continuing, “Regarding the identification of close contacts under the guidance of the health center, Kageyama and Suzuki correspond to Tsubaki’s close contacts, but in addition to that, three of our talents and employees have close contacts. We did not find any person who corresponds to this person. We also contact those who corresponded to close contacts other than our related persons individually. Since we had access to our related facilities, disinfection work of the corresponding facility We carried out. ”