NMB48 Yokono Sumire “FLASH Special” shows off gravure with a glamorous body explosion

Sumire Yokono of NMB48 will appear in “FLASH Special 2021 New Year Issue” (Kobunsha) released on Thursday, 24th.

[Photo]NMB48 Yokono Sumire “FLASH Special” publication cut

After her gravure debut, Sumire Yokono continues to decorate the covers of numerous manga and weekly magazines in a blink of an eye as “Reiwa’s idol gravure queen” with her overwhelming style and mature visuals. The photo book “Your Side” (Yoshimoto Books) released on the 16th is also a hit.

In this gravure, I shot with the image of “one night and two days with Su-chan”. It is a content that you can feel Yokono dressed in a sexy swimsuit to a cute knit.

In the same issue, NMB48 will also feature Ayano Izumi and Kiyone Shiotsuki, who are in the third draft.

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