Sho Hirano says, “I respect you as a man” in the “confession of love” of longevity.

The TBS variety special program “Bakusho! Akashiya pacific saury’s Longevity Grand Prix 2020”, in which comedian pacific saury Akashiya serves as MC, will be broadcast on the 27th (18: 00-21: 00). The popular corner “Longevity Video Letter” will appear this year as well. “Laughter! Akashi Family’s Longevity Grand Prix 2020” The same program in which “Bright Longevity” appears one after another. This year, while paying attention to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will deliver the appearance of healthy longevity people all over Japan “as we can now”. This year too, the popular corner “Longevity Video Letter”, where longevity people send video letters to themselves in the past, has appeared. This time too, there are a lot of video letters desperately laughing by the longevity of super strong characters. And it’s not just about laughing at this corner. Studio guest Bananaman Yuki Himura also has a moving video letter that confuses me, “What do you want this program to do with us !?” In addition, this time we will broadcast a special edition of “Longevity Video Letter”. Introducing the two long-lived people who created the masterpiece video letter, which became a hot topic on SNS after the broadcast. The first one is what makes me happy 40 years after the end of the war … “SCHAU ESSEN” !? Longevity with a masterpiece video letter with an unexpected ending. After the broadcast, many impressions such as “I want to eat SCHAU ESSEN!” Were posted on SNS, and it was a buzz. It became a hot topic so much that the response reached SCHAU ESSEN’s official Twitter account. The second person confessed his love, saying, “Hana-chan, I love you ~”, and longevity wrapped in tears all over Japan. The moving video letter I gave to myself, a 24-year-old who was wondering about his proposal, was a big hit as it was featured on numerous news sites. Studio guest King & Prince Sho Hirano, who was watching the broadcast at the time, also said, “I respect him as a man.” Even now, with this longevity, there is another wonderful story … Pay attention to the recent situation of the two longevity who produced the masterpiece. (C) TBS