Eiko Koike descends with a goddess body with a rough chest and a thin waist! The skirt is also transparent.

The first day stage greeting of “Pupelle of Chimney Town” was held in Tokyo on the 25th, and directors Masataka Kubota, Mana Ashida, Eiko Koike, Shosei Ohira (JO1), Akihiro Nishino, and Yusuke Hirota appeared. Eiko Koike is a movie adaptation of a picture book with a cumulative circulation of over 400,000, written and directed by Akihiro Nishino of the comedy King Kong. In “Entotsu Town” where no one even imagined that there was a “star” covered with thick smoke, a boy Rubic (voice: Ashida Mana) and a garbage man born from garbage, Pupel (voice: Masataka Kubota) ) Meet and the great adventure begins. Koike, who acted as the voice of Lubitsch’s mother, Laura, appeared like a goddess wearing a wide-chested shoulder dress and a striking waist. The skirt also showed a masterpiece style with plenty of sheerness. In the recording of the voice, he humbly said, “Since Mr. Dai Nishino was behind me, I was directed …”, but the staff members were also impressed by the performance. Koike once again said, “I’m glad I met Lubitsch and Pupel because I was told by Rubitsch and Pupel that when I stopped talking about dreams and that I had set my own limits when I grew up. It was, “he said. Koike’s theme, “What I want to challenge next year,” is “building physical strength.” “I couldn’t keep up with it more than I expected when I shot an action movie without self-restraint. Palpitations and shortness of breath,” he grinned.