Masato Sakai, Suzu Hirose & Alice press “Which do you like?”

Actor Masato Sakai, actress Suzu Hirose, and Alice Hirose will appear in the new CM “Let’s take a picture of the New Year ♪ 2021 Relaxing New Year’s party, playable cheki” in the Fujifilm CM “Let’s take a picture of the New Year ♪” series. The commercial will start broadcasting nationwide from the 28th. From the “Let’s take a picture of the New Year ♪ 2021 Relaxing New Year’s party / playable cheki” edition, this CM is familiar as a New Year’s tradition, Suzu Hirose, Alice Hirose, Masato Sakai. Sakai appears at the Hirose family’s New Year’s party, and the story begins with a scene in which Tin and Alice say, “Thank you for your hard work last year” and “Please relax today.” Sakai smiles in front of her beautiful sisters in bright and sunny clothes, but receives the question, “Which of us sisters do you like?” In order to clarify which one is more compatible with Sakai, the Hirose sisters took two-shot photos with Sakai in order and diagnosed the compatibility with Chekiprint. Pay attention to the unique reaction of the Hirose sisters who received the result and the appearance of Sakai being swung around. In the scene where he was asked “Which do you like?”, Sakai was completely overwhelmed by the pressure of his sisters, but following the original line “I like both …”, “I like Mr. Hirose.” “It is a rainy day ad lib.” The staff cheered for this without thinking “Oh!”. However, Tin and Alice open their eyes wide and ask, “What is the name that follows Hirose …?” Sakai instinctively leaked “scary” and “I want to go home” because of the power. Sakai said about the CM shooting between the beautiful sisters, “With flowers in both hands, 2021 will be a really wonderful beginning of the year”, but when asked about their impressions, “When they both go up to the set, I was looking at the slippers I took off, looking back and arranging them properly, and wondering how to raise them to become such a wonderful girl. ” Regarding the impression of Sakai, Suzu said, “When I was working with him for another job, my first impression was that he was an open and flat person, and that was exactly the same impression.” He revealed that he had a good impression, saying, “I wasn’t nervous in a good way, I talked about various things, and even if we had a great face at a close distance, such as ad lib, please accept everything again. He’s a kind person, “he praises. Alice continued, “I’m a very soft and Buddha-like person. He took everything in and created an environment where we could really play.” Regarding the sister co-starring, “I was relieved that the setting was good in our usual atmosphere, but after all it was a bit embarrassing to say the lines,” Suzu said. Alice said, “I think I was able to play properly while showing the goodness of being a sister.”